‘Modern Family’ | S04E17: Best Men


S04E17: Best Men

Mitch & Cam:

Don’t you just love it when television shows, especially sitcoms, get popular enough to afford A-list actors to make a guest appearance? Well, it is no secret that “Modern Family” is a pretty successful show, so it is also no surprise that they were able to lock in Elizabeth Banks to play Sal, Mitch and Cam’s best “girlfriend” from their partying days. They have since parted their own ways, but Sal showed up with huge news, she’s getting married, and she wants Mitch and Cam to be her best men! Now, these friends have gone their separate ways, because she remains in her partying personality, while they have “moved forward”. It would appear she’s getting more mature with her life by choosing marriage, but if you listen close, she says she met the guy three months ago and the marriage is next Friday..someone’s moving fast, nevertheless, they accept the roles of best men.

As they meet up at a bar, Mitch and Cam are just excited to be best men for their best friend, and fail to see the signs of her immaturity until she outright makes out with the bartender. So Mitch and Cam tell her the importance of her relationship with her fiancé, and she does end up getting married, but the episode ends with acknowledging that the marriage is most positively not going to last

Jay & Gloria:

Gloria has no shame in breastfeeding in front of everyone, and that has Jay worried. Meanwhile, they are called into Manny’s school to discuss the fact that Manny has a fascination with the naked woman in art class, sculpting a bust and drawing nudes that resembles Gloria. However, the bust and drawings were modeled after Dalia, their housekeeper, which clearly makes more sense than Gloria. So after a complex attempt from Manny to win over the love of Dalia, Dalia turns him down nicely, and all is well again.

Phil & Claire:

Phil and Claire both had their own separate stories in this episode. First of all, Claire finally bonds with Haley, a sign that she is growing up. Second of all, Phil helps Luke with a girl that he likes. For the most part, there isn’t much to say about the bonding part of the episode, it is what it is. It had a stronger focus on Phil and Luke. You see, Phil helped Luke out by messaging this girl on Facebook, setting up a date for the two at the mall. So Luke meets the girl, and Phil meets the girl’s mom. Turn’s out the mom was doing the same thing as Phil, and talking for her kid on the computer, which awkwardly ended up in a date between them two, and Phil trying to get away, due to his devotion to Claire.

This episode was clearly a Mitch & Cam-centric episode. Not only because of the title of the episode, but because of the overall focus. There was no overall arc that made this episode particularly important to watch, meaning you can skip it and miss absolutely nothing, but what else do you expect to find out of a sitcom?

Modern Family


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