Weekly Announcements

You can also catch these announcements in our Smaller on the Outside podcast on the following dates:

Announcements for 01/06/2014

  • Low Bandwidth
    • Our podcasting host, Podomatic, only allows for a certain amount of bandwidth per month, and we have recently gotten an explosion of listeners, which is great! The problem is the more viewers there are, the less bandwidth we are allotted, which means a shortage of episodes. We have “Donate with PayPal” buttons on both Podomatic and our website, which is completely up to you, but is greatly appreciated. More funding means a more efficient podcast!
  • Doctor Who Podcast Alliance
    • When we first began our Smaller on the Outside podcast, it was primarily a Doctor Who podcast. Back then, we were able to put it into a pool of other Doctor Who podcasts called the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance, which is a great source for listeners and other Whovians. While we still call it a Doctor Who podcast, we talk about other shows while it is on hiatus. This season is Sherlock, and we have 24 coming up soon as well.  So if you follow the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance and listen to our podcast, maybe that will explain a few things, and we apologize if it is an inconvenience.
  • Website Updates
    • The website for Smaller on the Outside, which can be found at sotopodcast.wordpress.com, has been completely revamped! At the top of our new website is three sticky posts which has our latest available podcast, our latest available season, and this week’s announcements. Of course, these posts are subject to change, but the idea is to have the top posts that matter the most for our listeners. Also available are “Subscribe with iTunes” and “Donate with PayPal” buttons for your convenience. It has a sleek interface with easy-to-navigate buttons including a 2014 podcast schedule that you can keep up to date with. If you haven’t yet, check out the website and subscribe to our posts.
  • Elementary
    • Here on Smaller on the Outside, we love to continually explain how Sherlock is the best version of Sherlock Holmes on television, because fellow Americans believe their CBS rip-off show Elementary is far superior. Throughout our episodes, we have continually bashed this show for having inferior writing and poor choices in direction. Watson, for instance, is played by a female, as is James Moriarty, who apparently is one in the same of Irene Adler…which is probably the stupidest thing we’ve ever heard.

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