AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Second 12 of 48 Perform | Recap

Hey guys, it looks like we have another episode of America’s Got Talent.  Last night ended terribly, but I’m hoping this will be much better, let’s get started.

CHEER SF was our first contestant of the night. Now…seriously, cheerleaders are cool and everything, but would I see them in Las Vegas? I’ll tell you right now the answer is no. But we’ll see how they do. Okay.  I’ll be honest, they did alright, a little off at parts, but I did phase out.  Piers agrees with me.

Our second contestant of the night was Precious’s mom in real life, ALICE.  I think she is a pretty good singer, actually.  Does she deserve the ultimate prize? I’ll say no, but I think she should definitely be recognized. The judges loved her.

Our next group was the Bollywood dance crew MONA SAMPATH DANCE COMPANY.  What I liked about this performance was it “felt” like an opening act.  It’s not what’s I’m really looking for, but was alright.  It didn’t wow Howie. Piers loved it, and Sharon said it was exciting to watch.

IRON HORSE was up next…who the heck is Iron Horse? I think they skipped them in the auditions…okay, I’m going to be forward. They suck. Well Piers called them a good bar band…I wouldn’t even say that, he also dogged on his singing capability.  Then Sharon said stop making tricks, and focus on the music, Howie said the complete opposite

THE STRONG MAN was up next.  I like the strong man, I always love watching feats of strength. Of course Piers is never impressed, but the man tossed a car. Sharon wants him to eat metal, and Howie is fascinated.

RONITH was up next, this guy is great, but he’s great because he is awful.  I had my doubts the first time I saw him, but I got some insight into his personality in the second performance.  He’s an actor like myself, but can’t take criticism very well, because he changed the whole process.  I honestly can guarantee he won’t win, but he is fun to watch regardless. He went back to his original performance. Howie was trying to say that it is bad impressions, so it’s funny, but Ronith says it’s just funny, and it’s good. As always, Piers doesn’t get it.

HANNIBAL MEANS is our next contestant, and even though he is a singer, I am still afraid he is going to eat me. HE SANG LION KING??? Now that was a surprise, never heard that kind of rendition, and it was his worst.  You can’t butcher Disney like that. Wrong song, man, wrong song. Piers said “Underneath the madness, there is an incredible singer in there” Sharon loves his voice, but wanted a hat.  Howie wanted to know what planet he was from.

WRECKLESS was our next act.  They are a great dance group from what I remember.  We’ll see how they do tonight though. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t as impressed tonight as I was with their audition.  It seemed more like a group going crazy.  Now there were parts in the dance that was like, oh…yeah that’s good, but otherwise…Sharon really enjoyed it, Howie pretty much agreed with me, and Piers sided with Sharon.

LIL CHRIS would be our next singer to take the stage.  Now I’ve seen him perform before, but unfortunately I have seen much much better than him. Like Piers said, you got to have the right song choice, which is a tough thing to accomplish, especially if you’re at his young age. I did like the song he chose, but I don’t think it matched his age…then again I don’t really know much that would.  At that age, it’s hard to find great talent. Howie did say he is talented for his age, but is raw.  Piers agreed with Howie. Sharon said he held his own for 12 years of age.

ASCENDANCE was our next act of the night.  Well, I really respect this team, because I haven’t seen anything so unique on the show as what these people do.  They dance while rock climbing, how obscure is that?  The first performance was spectacular, and their second didn’t do as well, but we’ll see how number 3 goes. Well I think it did amazingly, it worked so fantastically tonight, and Piers really enjoyed it. Sharon loved it. Howie said sensational.

ANTONIO RESTIVO was act number 11.  I respect this guy, and I think he would put on a great show, but I honestly think he won’t win this contest. Well again, he did his usual routine of fire and magic, and it was entertaining, it was, but I wouldn’t watch those hours on end.

MICHAEL GRIMM was our final performer of the night.  Now I like this guy, but I firmly believe there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t try out for American Idol, there are singers in this competition that just don’t qualify for American Idol, but this one totally does…I don’t get it. Howie said he is his favorite singer in the competition. Piers and Sharon both thought he was amazing, but needed to work on his confidence.


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