AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: First 12 of Top 48 Perform | Recap

Tonight was the first live show for America’s Got Talent this season.  They are showing the first 12 contestants in the top 48.  I haven’t watched America’s Got Talent in long time, but since this was Howie’s first year, I thought I’d give it another try, and I have seen every episode so far. 4 people will survive tonight’s episode, so goodbye to 8!

The first group going up was Kung Fu Heroes.  Their previous acts were more dangerous, and had more interaction, and this one I thought of as more of a dance routine, showing off their skills while twirling around weapons.  Now the judges thought of it more as a practicing routine in martial arts classes.  I don’t think so…it was similar, but like I said, I thought it was closer to showing up while dancing to a fast beat song.

Christina and Alley were up next, the two girls that have the tear jerking story of their disability, Cystic Fibrosis.  Listen, it is a nice story, but I’m all about talent, and yeah they are talented, but I see others as more talented. I’m also not very super about singers in the competition…just go to The X Factor or American Idol. Anyways, they sang “God Bless the Broken Road.”  They did okay, and they are nice girls, but it was pitchy in parts…so I don’t know.  Sharon said she could give a negative review, but she doesn’t want to, and liked the honesty in the performance.  Howie and Pierce also liked them.

Airpocalypse was the next “band” to take the stage.  Now I don’t know how I really feel about them.  Sure they are entertaining…but in the top 48? I don’t really get it…they are playing fake instruments.  Can they really win a headline show?  Tonight’s episode really was their best performance in my opinion. Howie is ever so impressed on how much they can do with absolutely nothing. Pierre also loved it, and Sharon loved the acting involved.

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers were the fourth team up.  Now, I have nothing against tap dancing, but I really wouldn’t decide to watch a tap dancing foursome in Las Vegas…I would personally rather see a magician…but who knows, maybe they will do a great job. I must say, these four did a great job dancing like pros, I really loved the set…not exactly sure what the scene was trying to tell us, but I’m not sure it really mattered. Pierce suggested it needed more oomph, and was too safe. Sharon, on the other hand loved it. Howie thought they focused too much on the set and story.

Up next was Frank Sinatra….OH I’m sorry Frank Safy Jr. Obviously, this guy sings just like Frank Sinatra, if I were to believe in reincarnation, I’d believe in it now, with FRANK Safy Jr.  He sang “Cry Me A River.” I did blank out for a second…did Sharon and Howie call him cheesy? I agree.  Then Pierce said relax.

Future Funk was our next performance group.  Now I like this group, a couple of young kids dancing.  They have talent beyond their years, and it is really entertaining to watch. They are still really talented, but there were a few problems that happened tonight.  The younger one had a few…wardrobe malfunctions, which I think in the end, affected his ability to perform. The crowd did love them though. Howie said “Deal.” Sharon thought it was amazing, and I guess Pierce liked it too.

Sally Cohn was up next…you know her right? She’s the crypt keeper that whistles with her hands…yah, and she made it this far. Well she did her thing, cracked a few jokes and whistled “Hero” by Mariah Carey…not super impressive, but to each his own right?  Well Pierce thought it was the best rendition of that song ever performed. What can I say, the judges loved her…okay then.

Nick Pike was up next.  Now I really like this guy, and I believe he really fits into the “Talent” category.  He started out on a cruise ship, but he really does belong in this completion I believe. He was actually brought back into the competition because the scariest group, who put drills into their mouth and nail their tongues to wood, had to drop out…I, wonder why.  One of them probably died.  Anyways, here we go. This guy juggled fire, jumped through fire, and set himself ON fire, Pierce did buzz him, and I understood why, it wasn’t all too impressive as it should have been.

RNG was up next, which is another group I really like.  A team of five young girl dancers.  They are actually very talented, it’s hard to find a group of such young dancers dance so well with each other, but this is one of the few. According to the video, they’ve been really struggling with a certain flip, which in the real performance, never happened.  I loved this performance, so far, it was my favorite of the night, it had a certain Michael Jackson dancing routine similarity with the dancing zombies and everything, great one.

Maricar was our next act, now I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  I think she’s pretty cool, she dresses up, and paints three different paintings, which overlap into one mega painting, which is definitely talent, but how in the world do you do that in Las Vegas for an hour? But apparently she is stepping it up tonight, by doing it underwater! She didn’t do her usual routine, but what she did was pretty enticing.  Needless to say, the judges agreed with me.

Fighting Gravity was up next, and I really like this group it is very impressive, it’s very unique, and fun to watch. I can’t explain how much I love the choreography, they are very talented, and the judges love them.  The concept isn’t very hard to understand, but it really is incredible once the lights turn out.

Nathaniel Kenyon was our last performer of the night. Nice guy, very nice voice, but more American Idol style then AGT. Well, he is sick this week, and hoping he doesn’t blow it.  He sang “Lips of an Angel” and the sickness really rang out, the crowd really did like him, but it was starting to hurt my ears hearing him. Howie was worried about himself, but thought under the circumstances, he did a good job, but did make a Justin Bieber called and wants his hair back, but Nathaniel just came back with “Mr. Clean just called.” The rest of the judges thought he had something, and would like to see him on top of his game


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