AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: First 12 of 48 Results | Recap

Well last night, we saw the first 12 of the top 48 perform their acts, and tonight, we get to see who was good enough, and who will receive the boot. I am anxious to find out! So let’s go ahead and get started. So here’s how it works, America picked the top 3 in the competition, and the judges will pick the final contestant going through to the next level. Howie said he believes he saw an act that will make it to the end, and Piers said he misses Hasselhoff.

So Nick brought three performers on stage, which were Airpocalypse, Sally Cohn, and Nathaniel Kenyon.  Now one of these acts will stay, while the others are sent home.  So who could it be…If I had to choose, I would most likely say Airpocalypse based on their talent level last night, but if he weren’t sick, I would definitely say Nathaniel Kenyon. And the winner is…NATHANIEL! I think he deserved it. Good job, America.

After the annoying popcorn commercial, we moved on to Selena Gomez performing her song, “Round & Round” At least she didn’t lip sync, at least I don’t think she did, heard some spitting sounds.  It wasn’t terrible, but I’m not a Gomez fan, I think she still needs to develop her voice.

After yet another popcorn commercial, we moved on to group 2, which consisted of Nick Pike, Kung Fu Heroes, and Defying Gravity. So here we have a few decent acts, but I think this one is blatantly obvious. Defying Gravity is going to win.  I mean anything can happen, but I’m pretty sure, let’s see. yep

Group 3 were up next right away with Christina & Alley, Maricar, and the Hot Shot Tap Dancers. Am I the only one beginning to wonder why everyone is wearing the same thing they wore yesterday? They aren’t performing, so it is really not needed at all.  Anyway, now this is a complicated set.  I like all of these.  Christina and Alley were cute, but not perfect, and Maricar changed her routine a little.  I think the winners will be Hot Shots. But America might still feel sorry for Christina & Alley because of their sad story. Let’s see. Yep, they still feel sorry for the gals.  Now I think they are sweet girls, and their story is inspiring, but are they really that talented?

This leaves RNG, Paul Safy Jr, and Future Funk for the last group, but first! The Rock of Ages performs on stage. (It should be noted that they sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’)  While they do their thing, let’s think about who will take the last place tonight.  Remember, its judge’s choice at this point.  If it were me, I would personally pick RNG, I thought they were incredible last night, but from what I can recall, the judges liked Future Funk best.  I just hope they pick RNG! Let’s see. Apparently America voted Paul Safy Jr out of the competition, which leaves the kiddos.  CRAP, Future Funk… RNG was 3000 times better, Howie Sucks.


2 thoughts on “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: First 12 of 48 Results | Recap”

  1. future funk stunk they are no where near as good as RNG if anything future funk shoud have been the first one to go there skit was not in sink and they are two kids just jumping around not like RNG who had a great skit and all of the girls woked together to put on a great show. I think there should be a recount let the people vote not the three judges.

    1. future funk rocked. if anything, christina and ally should have left. america is WAY too sympathetic. christina and ally don’t have talent!!! maybe i should make up a story, sing, and win a million dollars.

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