American Idol: Top 3 Elimination | Recap

Dun Dun Dun! It is that time again folks! To knock off Casey James, oh I mean what? It’s time to find out who will be going head to head in the epic finale next week. My money is on Crystal and Lee with Crystal taking home the grand prize, but we’ll see.

Turns out 47+ million votes came in last night. When Ryan sat down and spoke to the contestants, Casey told him he never expected to go very far in the show, well…you did, but not as far as the top 2…I don’t think of course.  The questions then went on…and on….and on.

We then saw Casey’s going home videos where girls were freaking out over him, including a flirty anchor woman. He went to the hospital to visit the people who saved his life….at some point in time when be had short brown hair.

Then some guy named Travis Garland sung a song. Supposedly better than Justin Timberlake, but that’s a load of crap…he wasn’t really that great.

We then go to Ohio to the home of Crystal Bowersox. There she went to an event called Bowerstock. Then Lee went home to Chicago. Where he teared up at his old school and job.

After the break, I skipped Justin Bieber, because he is pretty much Aaron Kelly: The Human Turd. Anyways, onto the results.  After recalling all the songs that were sung and how the judges reacted, we learn the first person safe is Lee Dewyze. Then Crystal Bowersox found out a few seconds later that she was also safe, just as I suspected.


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