AMERICAN IDOL: Top 3 Perform | Recap

Oh boy, tonight’s the night the top three perform, and there is no more Aaron Kelly, so it should be good.  We got Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, and Lee Dewyze.  My ultimate prediction is Crystal as the next American Idol, but we will see. This week they sing their own choice and judge’s choice.

Casey James was up first with “Ok, it’s alright with me”, which was his choice.  So the show started off with a song I’ve never heard for, nor really cared about, not exactly a way to start off with a bang.  He did an alright job for me. Not exactly idol-worthy though…3.5/5

  • Randy said it was just alright for him too.
  • Ellen said this is the moment, live or die…she felt the same way, she wished he would have brought it.
  • Kara said it is hard to pick a song that everybody knows, and when he picks a song that is a first listen for a lot of people, it won’t go very well.
  • Simon said he hopes there is something more substantial better later, because if this was the only song of the night, it would be a dud.

Crystal Bowersox was up next with her choice of song, which was “Come to My Window.” It would seem like the second song of the night is another song I don’t know, but it’s more popular than the previous performance, and overall she did a way better job.  I could see her doing this song professionally for her own concert, which is pretty good, not amazing, but not bad. 4/5

  • Randy said YO, SO LISTEN, I didn’t love the arrangement, but I did love the vocal on it, saying it all worked out in the end.
  • Ellen said it was a good song choice, and it was great.
  • Kara said it was a good vocal, but she is capable of so much more.
  • Simon agreed with everyone, saying it could have been better, but he has respect for her for never compromising herself as an artist.

It was Lee Dewyze’s turn to choose a song, which was “Simple Man”.  Yet again, a third song I’ve never heard before, but maybe I should have, not only because it is a good song, but because it is by the Skynyrd man. I think this is the only song of the three idol-chosen songs that fit best, and was the best…I don’t know, could be wrong…4.5/5

  • Randy said he sounded amazing, and in the winning zone
  • Ellen compared him to an animal or something
  • Kara said he did exactly what everyone should do tonight, and round 1 goes to Lee.
  • Simon said it was absolutely on the money.

It is now time for the judges to pick songs for the contestants, and to see everyone’s time in their hometown, Casey James was up first with “Daughters”, picked by Randy and Kara. The first song of the night that I actually recognize.  Definitely a better song choice then his own earlier in the episode, and I think he did a great job with it.  Though it did feel a little sleepy, we’ll see how the judges react.  4/5

  • Randy said it fit him like a glove
  • Ellen thought it was beautiful, and liked it a lot.
  • Kara said this showed the more artistic side of him, and it is really where he shines.
  • Simon said it was a much better song choice then the first time, but it was a little bit of a lazy assortment, but he sounded very very good with it.

Next up was Crystal Bowersox with Ellen’s choice, “Maybe I’m Amazed”.  Apparently she chose the song to show Crystal’s range, and to surprise everyone.  I do know this song, and I think she did a great job with it, maybe a few problems here and there, but I think better than Lee’s first choice song, other than Crystal going on about how she might be a man…4.5/5

  • Randy said great song, great vocals, and somebody else in it, to win it.
  • Ellen said she couldn’t have asked for more
  • Kara said she didn’t change it up so much, but she said she heard more from her than they’ve ever heard before.
  • Simon said he was surprised at first about the song choice, but now he gets it, and it proves that she has soul, and after next week, she may be thanking Ellen for putting her in the final.

Simon picked the last song of the night for Lee Dewyze, which was “Hallelujah”, which has been done a lot in the show previously, but whenever it is done, it is done amazingly.  So I can’t expect anything less than a 5/5.

  • Randy  said he was waiting the whole season for…that, and he thinks this was his biggest moment, and was unbelievable.
  • Ellen said there was nothing more to be said, that it was just stunning.
  • Kara said Lee is what the show is all about, and is the heart of the season.
  • Simon said with that performance he proved he is a fantastic singer, and a great person.

So what is my prediction for who is going to make the top 2? Obviously Lee and Crystal, but the overall winner is a tough choice.  I think I would still go for Crystal.

So yeah, Casey,  we’ve had enough of you , go home.


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