AMERICAN IDOL: Top 4 Elimination | Recap

Alright, its results night on American Idol.  Last night, my predictions stated Casey James was the one that is going to leave tonight, with Big Mike in 3rd place.  We’ll see how it turns out tonight. Fantasia was the first singer to take the stage tonight. I  sure hope it’s not another night filled with random singers. “Put the Message in the Box” was the new Ford Music Video

So next week is the week where the top three get to go home for a day and see their family and supporting town, always fun.  So the results begin, Ryan talked about the duets first, and they found Casey safe! Casey wasn’t that great, guys! Just okay.

Daughtry was up on the stage next doing a little ditty.

Big Mike was up next for judgment, or never mind, cause we moved right along to Lee Dewyze and Crystal, reminding us of what they sang and how they were judged, then Lee was sent to safety with the phrase “Lee, you’re heading back to Chicago.” So Crystal or Big Mike? Duh? Big Mike is going home.

Bon Jovi was up on the stage next doing a little ditty as well.

Back to the final results, and random people on the couch. I’m pretty much sure Big Mike’s going to go home, I’d die if it was Crystal.  And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, yup. Crystal is in, Big Mike = gone.


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