AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 5 Elimination | Recap

Sorry I didn’t give you guys a recap yesterday.  I won’t get into it, but long story short, I couldn’t make a recap because it had to do something about a hot concert, a hot car, and a cold house. Anyways, it was interesting night last night. Frank Sinatra? Weird choice for American Idol.  My bottom three were actually Crystal, Casey and Aaron, with Aaron as my predicted contestant leaving.  My favorite was Big Mike, then Lee. We’ll see how it goes.

32 million votes were sent in last night. Our Top 5 singers had a medley of several Sinatra songs.  “1, 2, 3 4” was this week’s Ford Music Video. Lee Dewyze was the first to stand in the middle of the stage.  I say he is very safe, the judges told him he could win the show with his performance last night…I disagree.  I think it was only alright, I think I have seen far better from him. In the long run, I was right, Lee was safe.

After the commercial break, Lady GooGoo GaGa, took the stage with a mash up of “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro”. Why does she have to look so weird all the time? We then find out next week will be “Songs from the Movies.” I look forward to that. And then our mentor from last night sang a tune. Then the top 5 sang some of his songs.

Crystal was up next for judgment.  Crystal was my third down the list, leaving her in the bottom 3 for me.  Big Mike was next, and for me he is completely safe.  Aaron Kelly was next, and for me, he’s in the bottom three, and going home.  He joined Big Mike though, don’t know what’s up.  Casey James was up next, and he is my third on the bottom three. So he stood next to Crystal, I have no idea what’s going on now.  Big Mike and Aaron Kelly are the bottom 2.  *CROSSES FINGERS* The person going home tonight is…….AAAARRROOOONNNN Yesssssssss, my life is complete. It’s about darn time. Take that 12 year old girls saying he’s gonna be the next American Idol, you can go back to listening Justin Bieber, the other Human Turd. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO


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