AMERICAN IDOL: Top 6 Perform | Recap

Turn on your TV’s, and up the volume people. It is time for American Idol, and it is time that American Idol gives back to me, and kicks Aaron off! Too bad we don’t know till tomorrow right, but let’s all cross our fingers!

This week our fun singers will be singing from Shania Twain’s songbook, and of course she is going to be the mentor. Which means one thing, country night, and I don’t like country.  I’ll be okay with country if it can make Aaron look bad, but week after week, everything makes Aaron look bad, and the Justin Bieber fans keep bringing him back, those twerps.

Lee Dewyze is the first one up night.  “Still the One” is the song he decided to sing. Good song, and I think Lee made it better, but this is coming from a biased country-hater. He made it rocky, and I liked it. 4.5/5

  • Randy said this is another one of his favorite songs of all time, and loved how he made it his own.
  • Ellen also loved how he made it his own, and the same goes for every song he chooses.
  • Kara likes the sound of his voice with every song.
  • Simon said that was the perfect song to choose out of his song choice. But he was making some weird faces.

Big Mike was up next with “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing.” Another nice song choice from the teddy bear. 4/5

  • Randy said he did a great job and he was really in the zone.
  • Ellen said she was nervous about the choice, but she thought it was beautiful.
  • Kara said he was really connected with the song, and it was beautiful and his own.
  • Simon said the performance was wet and girly.

Casey James was the third guy to take the stage, with “Don’t!” An interesting song choice by Casey, and he did a great job with it.  This is one song I’ve never heard before, and it sounded like his own, then again, it could completely be copycat, but it SOUNDED like his own. 4.5/5

  • Randy said it was one of the best Casey James performances ever.
  • Ellen said she was going to say the same exact thing, and might be the best to date.
  • Kara said he didn’t hide, and was himself completely.
  • Simon said something, but the tv kept screwing up, so I didn’t hear it.  But I believe he agreed with Randy.

Crystal Bowersox is up next with “No One Needs to Know” at this point the TV signal is really messing up, so I am only getting about half of the actual performance, so if she sucks and I didn’t hear it…my bad.  It sounded good… :/  4/5

  • Randy made a lot of arm movements
  • Ellen said it wasn’t her favorite performance
  • Kara said it always feels honest and believable, not the best but she’s always amazing.
  • Simon said “we don’t like crystal this week.” And that it was limp.  Well tell you what, everyone else said she was amazing, and Randy’s arm movements looked positive.

Justin Bieber’s favorite Idol, the Human Turd, was up next singing “You Got Away.” Meh…it was ok. 3.5/5.

  • Randy said dude you did a really good job.
  • Ellen said this is gonna be tough, cause everyone is good.
  • Kara said she completely agrees with Ellen.
  • Simon said he’s been struggling for week, and tonight he was a different artist.

Siobhan Magnus was the last one up singing “Any Man of Mine.” Hey, I remember this song, this is one of the country songs I rarely like.  I liked where she was going with it, there were some bad parts in it, but I think overall, she did a good job with it.  4/5

  • Randy loved it
  • Ellen said it was a good way to end the show, fantastic.
  • Kara asked guess who’s back? Siobhan!
  • Simon thought the song was perfect, but the screaming at the end was almost like giving birth.

Okay so predictions time.  I don’t know, I’m at a crossroads, my bottom three would be Aaron, Siobhan and…maybe Big Mike with Aaron leaving us *knock on wood*


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