AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 7 Perform | Recap

Crap. It’s give back week. I. Don’t. Care. I’m here to listen to music, not listen to an infomercial about a charity. Charities should be standalone. American Idol should be a singing competition, that’s it. Plain and simple.

Ok so this weeks theme is inspirational songs with mentor Alicia Keys. If I were a contestant, I would personally choose my own song, Cheezy Inspirational, which you can listen to at

Casey James is up first with “Don’t Stop”. Fun song, and an oldy, Casey does his thang, and plays the guitar like a pro.  Pretty good performance, and one of his better performances. 4.5/5
•Randy said it was good, but not his best. Wants something more special.
•Ellen liked the guitar playing. But she wants him to be great.
•Kara said something very similar to Ellen
•Simon said it was a lazy song choice, and not inspiring.

Lee Dewyze, the former paint salesman was up next with “The Box”. A song that I’m not familiar with, but a very nice song, an a very nice performance by Lee, and probably my favorite from him. 5/5
•Randy said he was a great artist
•Ellen said great song choice, and best performance so far.
•Kara said he bad his moment tonight.
•Simon says that was the best of the night, even though they were only two in.

Tim Urban was up next singing “Better Days” A very nice song, I’m a fan of the original song, but I think Tim didn’t quite match that, but I give him an A for effort, 4/5
•Randy said it was just okay/karaoke.
•Ellen compared him to ba soup.
•Kara thought this is where he belongs, but it didn’t work for him this time.
•Simon said it was difficult to believe the performance, and a let down.

The Human Turd was up next with “I Believe I Can Fly.” He probably only knows the song from Space Jam.  Let’s cut to the chase, screaming 12 year old girls that are Justin Bieber fans, and unenthused guys. 3.5/5. I’m pretty much done with the human turd.
•Randy said be did a good job with a giant song.
•Ellen said he can fly and he’s on his way.
•Kara said it was like taking off.
•Simon said he gave it his all, but if he hear it on the radio, he would turn it off within 10 seconds.

Siobhan Magnus was up next singing “When You Believe”.  The song I first heard in ‘The Prince of Egypt.’ I remember it being a great song when I heard it first.  I haven’t heard a ton of covers by other bands, so it was nice hearing this version.  So she does a great song as usual, screaming in the middle, and then finishing it on a nice note.  Good.  4/5

  • Randy said she probably picked one of the toughest songs on the list, and it was just okay.
  • Ellen disagreed, and said it was just more confirmation of why she’s here.
  • Kara said this isn’t a musical, so it feels too dramatic.
  • Simon said he agreed with Randy, saying it wasn’t the right song with her.

Big Mike will be singing “Hero”, sung by the lead singer in Nickelback. This is a hard song not to sound amazing; you’d have to really suck at singing.  In other words, you’d have to be the Human Turd. Anyways, Big Mike did a very nice job, and I give him 4.5/5

  • Randy said he was really worried about the song choice, but he held his own, and it worked out.
  • Ellen said he did a great job.
  • Kara said it wasn’t her favorite performance of his.
  • Simon said he thought he sang it very well, but the theme was inspirational, and that was about Spider-Man.

Crystal Bowersox, my favorite is singing “People Get Ready.” This is the second performance of the night which I didn’t recognize, but she did another perfect performance.  Not my favorite of her performances, but she did a good job nonetheless.  She ended up tearing up at the end too, good stuff.  5/5.

  • Randy said it was unbelievable, and gave her a standing ovation.
  • I missed what Ellen said.
  • Kara said she just schooled all the contestants.
  • Simon said that was inspirational, and was happy to see her emotional, because she was closed off a lot, and this obviously meant a lot.

Who is going to leave tomorrow? Turd.  Please be The Human Turd.  Peace out!


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