American Idol: Top 9 Perform | Recap

It’s that time again, folks.  It’s time for a bunch of amateur people who think they are cool try to prove that they are cool.  Seeing the direction FOX is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crystal Bowersox got kicked off this week. I mean seriously, has anyone seen yesterday’s 24? I could talk for hours about how ridiculous it was seeing it’s the final season, but HEY, we’re talking about American Idol, so…ughgugh.

Well because Big Mike was saved, it means two people will be leaving tomorrow, and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be Aaron Kelly.  Please God, intervene! Anyway, on with the show, this week our favorite people will be singing from the songbook of Elvis Presley, the king of rock & roll. Well my Grandma would be happy, but what about me? What about the rest of the world? We’ll see. The mentor will be Adam Lambert, a perfect choice, seeing how Adam knows SO much about Elvis.  Okay, maybe rock.

In the audience tonight is the cast of Glee, which I wouldn’t mind singing on stage.  Crystal Bowersox started the night with a bang with “Saved”.  One of the Elvis songs I’m not familiar with, but kind of sounds like a black gospel song…maybe that’s just me…she did a great job as usual, but not the best for me. 4.5/5

  • Randy said that’s how you do it, it was dope.
  • Ellen said she was fantastic.
  • Kara said it was another solid performance
  • Simon loved how she didn’t choose an obvious song, and chose a song that fit her, and it sounded great.

Andrew Garcia, our nose picker of the night, was up next with “Hound Dog” Adam Lambert thought he might be a bit boring, we’ll see.  I’ve heard this song way too much to even think of it believable out of anyone else’s mouth, so I have to agree with Adam Lambert, Snooze. 3/5

  • Randy said it was definitely not good, and karaoke.
  • Ellen wished he put more swagger in it, and thought he pulled it off.
  • Kara said it’s Elvis, and he had to own it.
  • Simon said it was lazy and unpredictable.

After Ryan Seacrest had a little chat with his momma, Tim Urban was next with “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” Well Adam thought it was pretty, and it did sound good, until her told Tim to do the higher octave, then it just sounded wrong. Thankfully, Tim stuck within his safe voice zone.  This was a very believable performance, and I really liked it. 4.5/5

  • Randy actually liked it.
  • Ellen compared Tim to tequila.
  • Kara said it was her favorite “Tiim” performance ever.
  • Simon said it was beautiful and went from Zero-Hero

Lee Dewyze was our next contestant to take on the King with “A Little Less Conversation”. I thought this was just okay.  Parts of it sounded robotic, monotone-like.  Elvis did it just right, obviously, but I just don’t know about Lee. 4/5

  • Randy said he was in the zone, very good.
  • Ellen said it sounded very current
  • Kara said she loved how he just went for it vocally. She wished it was a little lighter.
  • Simon made fun of Kara, then said that was on the money.

Immediately after, Aaron Kelly was up….DO I HAVE TO LISTEN? Ughghghguhghghgugghghhgughghg. Well his song was “Blue Suede Shoes” I hope he chokes and trips.  Let me tell you a story, we have a home video that we made when I was 3 years old, and my older brothers were dancing in front of the camera to this song, this performance reminded me of that.  A kid that is a fan of Elvis, and thinks they are cool.  Bleh, 3.5/5  *crosses fingers – leave tomorrow, leave tomorrow*

  • Ryan said it was half-and-half for him.
  • Ellen gave him an A-for-effort.
  • Kara liked that he was out of his comfort zone
  • Simon said it was-what it was, and was karaoke.

Siobhan Magnus was up next singing “Suspicious Minds” Mr. Lambert thought it was sleepy, so he sped the song up to wake the judges up.  I’m a fan of Siobhan, and she proved herself again tonight, very nice. 4.5/5.

  • Randy loved the vocals.
  • Ellen liked the second half of the song better than the first.
  • Kara said it’s getting confusing, because Siobhan has two voices.
  • Simon said it was like she came back from a time machine. He thought the first part of the song was terrible, and even when she got to the second half, that she didn’t quite reach it.

Big Mike was next up, so we’ll see if his save was worth it.  “In the Ghetto” was his song.  Another song of Elvis’s that I’m not familiar with.  That being said, I think Big Mike really pulled it off, and it might be my favorite performance of his. 5/5

  • Randy  said it was a little sleepy, but they were hot vocals.
  • Ellen was glad they saved them.
  • Kara said it was a beautiful song, and he did it well.
  • Siimon said it was a billion billion times better than last time.

Katie Stevens was up next with the song “Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do?” I think for the most part she is the one contestant in the show that gives me the most neutral reaction.  Yeah…she sang it well…but I really couldn’t care less. 4/5

  • Randy said nice vocals.
  • Ellen said man you can sing, that was great.
  • Kara said she showed us judges.
  • Simon said it was really loud and annoying.

Casey James was the contestant singing us out tonight with “Laudie Miss Claudie” So about a third of the songs sang tonight were songs I’ve never heard before.  Good Job, but again, he’s above Katie Stevens for me, but still so-so for me.  4/5

  • Randy said yo-yo.  Another solid performance.
  • Ellen agreed, saying it wasn’t as exciting as she wished, but it was solid.
  • Kara wants to see more personality.
  • Simon said it was completely forgettable, but the vocal was good.

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