AMERICAN IDOL: Top 9 Elimination – 2 Leave | Recap

Yay. It is time to kick two contestants off tonight on American Idol. Who will it be? Who know, my fingers and toes are crossed for Aaron to take the plunge, but who knows? Tonight is sure to be interesting, so pop some popcorn, lean back, and watch some Idol.

Another unneeded epic action-film soundtrack started the night out before were told over 34 million votes were sent in. The top 9 then sang a medley of Elvis songs.

After our next Ford Commercial, we get to the intense part, Casey James stood first, as well as Aaron and Andrew, moving to the center of the stage.  Right away Andrew was sent home, and Aaron lives to see another day…NOOOOOOO AMERICAN IDOL SUCKS. Freaking staged show.

So who could be the second contestant to leave? I can’t really think of anyone else that deserves it more then Aaron, but nooooooo, I don’t know, I wouldn’t care if Katie left, but we’ll see.

Idol Gives Back is next week, oh boy. Anyway, one of my favorite idols, Brooke did a little ditty. Back to business, the whole bottom row stoo on the stage. Which is the rest of the contestants. He sent Crystal to safety, then did the same for Siobhan.  Lee was also safe. Now the remaining three have to wait for Scary Lambert to perform before they heard the results. After everyone had some time to recover from all the fog, we moved on to hear the results.

The person who was safe was Tim Urban, leaving it between Big Mike and Katie. I guess Katie, I am right. Yay, I got one right! Till next one folks, peace.


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