American Idol: Top 9 – Elimination | Recap

It is elimination night for American Idol.  I couldn’t give ya guys a recap last night because my stupid keyboard spazzed out and wouldn’t let me click enter.  So while I could type everything, I couldn’t get a new paragraph going.  So as much as I know you’d all like a very long run-on sentence recap, I thought against it and here we are.  Let me give you a quick recap, Aaron Kelly sucked as usual and I predict he will leave tonight.  Though this isn’t the first time I’ve predicted this, so we’ll see.

The Top 9 sang together for the group song, which was a melody of several songs from the Lennon/McCartney song book.  Which is another reason I was angry I couldn’t make a recap, the Beatles were one of my favorite bands.  Pretty good group song.  The new ford commercial was a Non-Beatles “Will It Go Round in Circles”

They then “activated” the results, starting with Siobhan Magnus, her song was sleepy for me last night, we’ll see how she entertained America, she was brought to the middle of the stage…don’t know what’s gonna happen.  Crystal Bowersox was next to stand, and joined Siobhan…I guess that is the top group.  Katie Stevens was the next lady to stand before judgment, and joined Crystal and Siobhan. He told Crystal she was safe, then sent the remaining two back to their seats in safety.

Jason Gorilla was our first guest singer of the night.  No, Gorilla wasn’t really his name, but seeing how I don’t have a clue who this guy is, and seeing that his last name sounds like Gorilla, I call him Jason Gorilla. From what I can tell, this guy is a wannabe Michael Jackson impersonator, and when the MJ impersonator school turned him down, he became a singer, and throws little MJ signature moves in here and there.

Our second guest of the night was right after Gorilla Jackson, and it was David Archuletta with “Imagine.”  He has done this song a few times actually, if I remember correctly, this was his wow moment.  Good to see Archie again, I know a lot of people didn’t really like him, but I was a fan, and I remember voting for him a majority of the time he performed.

Back to the results, cue the scary red lights, and we’re ready.  Lee Dewyze was up first, and continuing with the previous theme, Lee was sent to the far side of the stage.  Big Mike then stood up next, and went to the side opposite of Lee.  Casey James was up next, and joined Lee.  Aaron Kelly was the next one up, and joined Big Mike.  Tim Urban was next, joining Lee and Casey. Andrew Garcia was last, joining Big Mike and Aaron Kelly.

We have two groups of threes, one of them is safe, and one is the bottom three.  Obviously the one with Aaron Kelly is the bottom three.  Ryan sent Aaron back to safety, and I’m going to officially kill myself now. Seriously, this kid is like a rotting piece of crap that has been sitting out in the sun for hours.  No one wants to touch it, so why does he keep getting votes!? And then Brianna sang…so what?

Alright, we have the bottom two, Andrew and Big Mike.  My prediction was Andrew Garcia, and was I right?  No, Big Mike was the worst? What has the world come to? Save Aaron, and kick Big Mike? No no, the judges will save him…..won’t they? Yes! They have saved Big Mike! PHEW, now Big Mike can drag Aaron Backstage, and crush him.


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