AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 10 Elimination | Recap

After we had a mash up of “Clash of the Titans” movie trailer and American Idol recap, we start tonight, learning who will leave us on tonight’s episode. Before the results began, we got another performance by Reuben. I can’t be sure, but I think he is the Idol that returns the most to perform on the stage.

“Kung Fu Fighting” was this week’s Ford commercial, I really like the song, and I think they did a fun job with it. Lee Dewyze was up first to learn his results, and was safe. Casey James was up next to learn his fate, and sat back down as he is a second safe person.  Aaron Kelly was up next *crosses fingers* bottom three bottom three? Nope, the twerp’s fan’s kept him safe for another week.  Siobhan and Katie stood together, Siobhan will probably be on the bottom three. Actually, it was Katie, I’m not super surprised, Siobhan didn’t do so well, but I think she is overall very popular.

Didi stood up after the break, and automatically joined Katie on the bottom three stools.  Big Mike stood on up next, and after dragging it along, Ryan faked us out, then sent Mike back to safety, and Big Mike picked him up.  Crystal Bowersox was next, safe…duh. Tim and Andrew  stood up together next, out of the two, it’ll probably be Tim Urban. And I’m right, Tim joined Katie and Didi in the bottom three.  Which means one is going to safety right now, who will it be?  Katie Stevens.  So we have Didi and Tim.  And the person who needs to sing for her safety was Didi Benabi.  After she sang her little diddy, the judges decided that they weren’t going to save her.


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