AMERICAN IDOL: Top 11 Perform | Recap

It’s Ocean’s 11 tonight on American Idol as the top 11 contestants perform. Miley Cryus was the mentor this week, which is kind of weird.  Though at least the theme wasn’t Miley, it was Billboard’s Top 100.

Lee Dewyze was first singing “The Water” I’ve never heard this song before, but he did a good job with it.  It seemed like a song he would sing in a solo concert.  Though I’m not sure if this performance will be too memorable in the long run. I give it 4/5

  • Randy thought he knocked it out of the box.
  • Ellen compared him to a nice pen.
  • Kara said he raised the bar for himself.  She hasn’t seen him more comfortable then tonight.
  • Simon was really surprised he chose the song, and wasn’t a recording performance, but was corny.  He sounded good, but it didn’t define him as a recording artist.

Pitchy Paige Miles was next singing Phil Collin’s hit song, “Against All Odds.” I’ve heard of this song, but haven’t ever heard the actual song.  All I can say is I hope the real song doesn’t sound like Paige’s version.  I feel like I just had a great big poop session, and need to flush that sucker. After this, I just want to drain my ears out with some Miley Cyrus songs…yeah. 1/5

  • Randy said it was honestly terrible.
  • Ellen said she didn’t fall down, which is an accomplishment.  She told her that she looks great, but she’ll leave the music critique to Kara and Simon.
  • Kara said Paige stopped listening to them at some point, and worst vocal of the season.
  • Simon said it was all over the place, and he thinks she is in serious trouble tonight.

Tim Urban was up next singing Queen’s hit song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It’s hard to imagine him singing a Queen song, but we’ll see. Wow, he even did a little slide without screwing up, not too bad.  Interesting song choice.  Not terrible, not terribly amazing either. 3.5/5

  • Randy said the vocals were boring, but the slide was dope.
  • Ellen said she felt like it was corny and a bit like Zac Efron in hairspray or High School Musical.
  • Kara said Ellen hit the nail on the head.
  • Simon thinks the slide was a distraction from the song, so he understood why he did that.  He said it was utterly pointless and silly.

Aaron Kelly was up next with Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” That is a very tough song to sing.  Anyone that tries to sing it learns that, including me.  Ouch on the throat, seriously.  Well I’ll say this much, he can do it better than me, but not better than Aerosmith, obviously.  I also believe Adam Lambert sang this last year, and he did a good job.  Aaron on the other hand, it was kind of….eehh, idk. 3.5/5

  • Randy said it wasn’t a perfect performance, but he did alright, and he is a fan.
  • Ellen said it was a perfect song choice for him, and that he is always pitch perfect….no
  • Kara agreed with Ellen with the perfect song choice.  She also wants to see more stage presence.
  • Simon said it was very brave, and is making himself very old-fashioned, also saying there is 0% chance he is going home.

Crystal Bowersox was up next singing “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin. Another song I don’t really know.  Haven’t ever really listened to any of Janis Joplin’s songs.  Though it was another great performance by Miss Bowersox.  5/5 for me.

  • Randy said YO YO, LISTEN, CHECK THIS OUT, That’s how you do it! That’s what it’s about!
  • Ellen said she heard the song on the radio, and thought of her, so it was perfect.  She still wants more personality.
  • Kara wants her to let go completely, and even let go of the guitar.
  • Simon said don’t let go of anything.  This was as good as Pink’s version for him.

Big Mike channeled his romantic side with “When A Man Loves A Woman”.  I can already see Kara tearing up because of his devotion to his wife.  Oh Big Mike you big emotional man, you.  Anyhow, it was pretty good.  I’m not going to stand up and clap wildly at it, but it was alright.   4.5/5.

  • Randy didn’t know if it was the perfect song choice, but he knows who he is, and the best thing he can do is come on stage and sing.  He loved it.
  • Ellen said it felt like a safe choice.  He also has an amazing tone.
  • Kara said technically it was really good, he hit all the right notes, but it was boring at times.  Surprising.
  • Simon said it was almost too much, it should have been more simpler.

With five more contestants remaining, Andrew Garcia sings “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” He left his guitar behind for this one.  I don’t know, I kind of enjoyed this one.  It was super amazing, but it was enjoyable.  I just remember The California Raisin’s singing it. Lol, 3.5/5

  • Randy said it wasn’t good for him. He said it wasn’t the right song choice, because that isn’t the type of vocalist he is.
  • Ellen said it wasn’t enough to get a lot on board, but hopes people vote for him.
  • Kara feels bad for him, because she thinks the moment is messing with his head.
  • Simon thinks he has had enough time to sort himself out, and the arrangement was horrible and he sucked….the soul out of it.  He always leaves a space after Sucked…

Katie Stevens showed up next singing “Big Girl’s Don’t Cry”. The beginning was pretty slow and boring, it got better at the chorus line, even though she was a tad pitchy. Not my favorite performance. 4/5

  • Randy liked how she actually listened to them.
  • Ellen thought it was her best performance so far, saying she sounded and looked great.
  • Kara said this is where she belongs.
  • Simon said Katie meeting Miley Cyrus was probably the best thing she could have done. It was a good performance.

Casey James was the next contestant to take the stage. “The Power of Love” The Back to the Future song, I think he did a pretty good job. 4/5

  • Randy wasn’t a fan of the song choice, but he gave him props for doing it well.
  • Ellen said it was the best vocal of the night
  • Kara said he is ready to make an album.
  • Simon didn’t know what they were talking about, and it was like watching an 80’s cover band.

Didi Benabi was next singing “You’re No Good”  Not much to say for this one other than…pretty good, but okay the judges don’t think it seems like her, and I can see that, but I didn’t think the vocals were too bad, just compare her to Paige.  4/5

  • Randy loved the idea of it, but the pitch was eughghguuggghhhh, she didn’t hit it right.
  • Ellen thought it wasn’t a good song choice.
  • Kara said it felt like she was playing a character, and wasn’t being truthful to who she was.
  • Simon said “She’s no good, she’s no good, she’s no good.” Saying it was like a bad part of a musical, and didn’t sound like her.

Siobhan Magnus closed the show with a little “Superstitious.” By Stevie Wonder. Well she is rocking out a new hairstyle, and overall look.  In the long run for winning the American Idol title, she is second on my list, with Crystal ruling the list.  It’s a tough fight for me, but I think Siobhan proved herself again tonight.  Of course, the judges could always disagree with me.  5/5

  • Randy said YO LISTEN, he was happy she chose that song, and loved it.
  • Ellen quoted Oliver Twist saying “More please.”
  • Kara loves how she expresses herself each time on stage.  Also congratulated her on another great ending note.
  • Simon thinks a lot of people will like it, and a lot of people won’t.  He also said she’s really got to start pushing herself further.



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