AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 12 Elimination | Recap

It’s time to lose another contestant. I predicted Tim Urban yesterday, but wouldn’t put it past Paige Miles or Aaron Kelly, so those are my bottom 3.  If none of those get kicked off, I would be very surprised.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, Simon faced off with Ryan’s hostility, calling it uncomfortable, and not to do it again. They reminded us that they still have the judges lifeline of saving somebody they think should stay. After which, David Cook took the stage and sung a little diddy.

Well, after a brand spanking new Ford commercial, Paige stood first, one of my bottom three, after the nationwide vote, I was right. Lee Dewyze was next, and was safe as expected. Siobhan Magnus was up, and she was my second favorite last night, so I say safe…and I am right.  Aaron Kelly was next on my bottom three, even though my Mom voted for him, blegh, whose right, me or Mom? Mom!? That’s crap. Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban stood together. Tim was my prediction, let’s see…I was right, Tim was the second one to take the stool.

After the commercial break, the guitar player from “This is It” took the stage singing her song “According to You.” I’ve never heard her stuff before, outside of “This is It.” She wasn’t too bad.

Didi Benabi stood up after the break, and guessing they won’t choose the last of the bottom three first, I think she’s fine, and she was. Crystal Bowersox was up next, Saaaaafe, why even make her stand up? Katie Stevens stood up next and was safe, but who cares. Big Mike was up next, and was safe. The last two were Lacey and Casey, out of those two, I say Lacey. I was right.

Now there are three, Tim Urban, Paige Miles, and Lacey Brown. Again, my prediction was Tim Urban. I was wrong again, he was sent back to the seats. Now two remained. I seriously think it’s Paige Miles, we’ll see. Wrong again! Lacey is the one leaving?

Before she was completely kicked off, she sang a song to the judges, hoping they save her.  After she sang, they said no…. 😦


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