AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 12 Perform | Recap

It’s time for the guys and girls to join up on stage as the top 12 perform. It’s back to two hours tonight and the judges make their first dramatic entrance through the big doors of the season.

“The Rolling Stones” are the group our contestants will be singing tonight. Now I know they are an iconic group, but I haven’t heard a lot of their stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.

Big Mike was the first one up. “Miss You” was his choice. No, I didn’t know the song, but he did another great job, 4/5.
•Randy said it reminded him of how great a performer he is.
•Ellen said at some point she’s going to be disappointed, but not yet.
•Kara said he did a great job conveying the song, and looking confident.
•Simon said at times, particularly the dancing, was kind of corny, and even felt like verging on desperate.
•Ryan faced off with Simon

Didi Benabi was up next talking about her mom, then singing “Playing With Fire” Another song I don’t know, but I am enjoying it quite a bit, and could see this as a song she wrote, which is really good 4.5/5
•Randy said for the first time in weeks, she was on fire with that.
•Ellen said this has got to be nerve-wracking, bu she did great
•Kara liked the intensity she had with the song, and she’s getting closer to a performer.
•Simon said it was a very cool performance, he thought she was going to lose it on stage a few time because of nerves, but she didn’t.

Mr. Casey James was up next with “It’s All Over Now.” I’m starting to think I’ve only heard of the Rolling Stones, cause again, an unknown song for me. Yet again, however, he did a good job making it his own, I think. 4/5
•Randy thinks he’s back to the Casey he loves.
•Ellen thought it was fantastic.
•Kara said he was a rock star tonight, and it showed his soul, and his best performance yet.
•Simin didn’t agree, but more like an audition performance, and it needs to be more than that.

Lacey Brown was the fourth contestant of the night, singing “Ruby Tuesday”. Next week, she’ll sing “TGI Fridays”…anyway, I heard some shakiness in her voice, which could be a problem in the long run, but other than that, it was pretty good 4/5
•Randy said it was very interesting, but no “wow” moment.
•Ellen thought the positions were a little weird.
•Kara said it was 50-50 for her, and thinks she can do better.
•Simon said there is a slight issue with her, that she sings like an actress.

Andrew Garcia was up next singing “Give Me Shelter.” I don’t know if I could see Andrew singing rock, i don’t know, maybe it’s just me, cause he actually did a really good job, 4/5
•Randy said it was pitchy everywhere
•Ellen said it was his best performance yet.
•Kara went back to her normal argument if the connection to the song, which is a song about war.
•Simon said Kara was taking it too literally, as if she expected him to bring a tank out on stage. He thinks he was better in rehearsals, and genuinely hopes he survives another week.

Katie Stevens is up next singing “Wild Horses” Overall, the contestants are really impressing me tonight, I haven’t heard anything too bad at all, another good one, 4.5/5.
•Randy thinks she sang that very well, and it was a very strong performance.
•Ellen said she sounded amazing once she got into it
•Kara said it’s never technically perfect with her, and it was better than last week.
•Simon said this was the only week where she’s really chosen a very strong song.

Tim Uban was up next with “Under My Thumb”. I don’t know how I feel about this one. He did fine, but it bored me a bit. So…3.5/5
•Randy said he didn’t get that, and it didn’t serve him or the song good.
•Ellen thought it sounded great, but it was just a laid back song, and no wowing moments
•Kara said he made it his own
•Simon said it didn’t work, and Rolling Stone fans would turn the TV

Siobhan Magnus was up next, and I’m hoping she wows me with “Painted Black.” Hey look, a song I know.  When she started, she did great, I think, it continued to amaze me throughout. She tried to go back to the high note at the end. I could tell it was hard holding it, but she did alright, 5/5.
•Randy said it was hot.
•Ellen loved every bit of the song, and how she stood out .
•Kara said this was the best interpretation of the night.
•Simon even said it was the best performance of the night.

Lee Dewyze was next with “Beast of Burden”. I think this song fit him pretty well, but I think he may have lost the words a bit. 4/5
•Randy thought it was dope.
•Ellen thought he sounded great, but expected a little more from him
•Kara said every week he is getting better.
•Simon really likes him as a person, but his personality doesn’t shine.  He also said he chose a forgettable and safe song, and should come on the stage and have a moment, and stop thinking other people are better than him.

Paige Miles was up next, the girl who SHOULD have gotten voted off last week, so not really looking forward to her song, but we’ll see.  Her song was “Honky Tonk Woman”. I was surprised to see that she actually did a good job with this one, so in a way, she wowed me. 4.5/5
•Randy said she did a good job
•Ellen said she has such star qualify, and she sounded amazing.
•Kara applauded her for sounding so good after struggling with her voice this week.
•Simon said she did great, hit some big notes, but needs to find something more unique.

The next contestant is Aaron Kelly, another one of my least favorite contestants, maybe he’ll surprise me like Paige…we’ll see.  His song was “Angie.” The song apparently my brother would have been named had he been a girl. In all seriousness, no this wasn’t as bad as his previous performances, so I guess I’ll have to give him a 4/5.
•Randy said he was born to sing, saying it was hot.
•Ellen said it was a great song choice, and his and Siobhan’s songs were the ones that stand out.
•Kara said it was great.
•Simon said he chose absolutely the right song, and one of his strongest moments on the show.

We ended the show with probably my favorite contestant, Crystal Bowersox with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Ooh a song I know, a lot. This may be a little close minded, but I thought it was fantastic, 5/5.
•Randy said YO, I love you, and she didn’t disappoint.
•Ellen said she really is born to be on stage.
•Kara said she is so comfortable up there, and it’s very easy to watch.
•Simon said this is the first time she was beaten by somebody, which was Siobhan. No, Crystal is completely safe.

So to predict what’s going to happen next, I think Tim Urban will be kicked off, we’ll see. Peace Out


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