AMERICAN IDOL: Top 16 Elimination | Recap

It’s time to learn who our Top 12 is. Two guys and two girls will be leaving us in this hour of fun. “Haven’t Met You Yet” was the group song, by Michael Bubley, which turned out pretty well.

After the commercial break, Ryan announced the first theme will be music of The Rolling Stones. He then went to the results. Didi Benabi joined Ryan on the stage first, learning she’s made it to the top 12. She was the first to sit in the fun stool. Siobhan Magnus wasn’t too far behind, joining Didi on the stools, she made it. Paige and Katelyn came down together, let’s see who goes home, I think Paige. I was wrong! Katelyn was booted, I’m surprised.

The guys were next, and the whole top row stood on the floor. Tim Urban, Todrick Hall, Casey James, and Lee Dewyze stood.  Out of those, I think Todrick will leave. Casey was the first safe one.  Tim Urban joined him. Todrick and Lee waited. I was right, and honestly I think it’s about time that Todrick left.

Scott Macintire and Matt Gerard joined the stage together, singing a duet at the halfway point. They were both jamming te piano, and it was good to see the two again, haven’t heard anything about them since they got kicked off the show.

After the break, we returned to the girls side, starting with Crystal Bowersox, saaaafe, duh. Big Mike came up next, and as expected, he was safe. Lacey Brown was next, reeling in another safe spot. Aaron Kelly was up next, and my guess was not safe, let’s see how he does…safe? Safe!? He was made of crap yesterday.  Alex and Andrew were next, my prediction was Andrew, I was wrong again! Andrew got through.  Mullet Boy is leaving, I can’t believe it, he was way better then Andrew, definitly 300 times more talented then AARON. It’s rigged, I tell you!

Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott were the last remaining girls. Who is going to leave this time, and this is a tough decision. I would prefer Katie to leave, but it might be Lilly. I’ve never liked Katie, really. Lilly left us, darn it.  It really seems to be getting more nerve wracking as the episodes move along.


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