AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 8 Guys Perform| Recap

It’s another jam-packed episode as the guys perform tonight. Last night was a bit of a bore with the girls, other than a few good performances. Hopefully, we get some better performances tonight with the men. Though, guys have won American Idol for the past few years, the girls really need a break this year.

“Fireflies” was the first song, song by Lee Dewyze. I was pretty surprised to hear this song, it’s relatively new. He did change the song up a bit, I noticed some pitch problems, but it wasn’t too bad. 4/5
•Randy said it was a strange song choice, but he liked how he made the song work for him.
•Ellen liked how he made it a rock song.
•Kara said he looked confident, which is what they were waiting for.  She also said he made the song better.
•Simon said Lee didn’t have a moment with that song, and agreed with Kara, saying he made the song better. (I don’t know about that, I like the original better)

Alex Lambert was next with “Trouble.” A pretty good performance from Alex, but get a haircut, kid. 4/5
•Randy said it was a good song choice, but he wasn’t wowed by it.
•Ellen made her third banana reference this season, calling him a ripe banana, getting better each week.
•Kara still doesn’t think he’s in it, and is too stiff on stage.
•Simon says he agrees with Kara, and tells him to relax.

Moving right along, our third contestant of the night was Tim Urban singing “Hallelujah”. Now, when I hear this song on Idol, I think of Jason Castro, who did an amazing job, so I automatically compare the two.  This song is an amazing song, and I think this Tim’s best performance yet, and it’s apples to oranges to Castro’s.  5/5
•Randy loves the song, and he thinks Tim did a pretty good job.
•Ellen ran up on stage and hugged him, saying it was fantastic.
•Kara thinks he is in it now, after thinking he was going to go home.
•Simon said it was a very smart song choice, and it was terrific.

Andrew Garcia tries Christina Aguilera on for size with her song “Genie in a Bottle”. Wow, what a bold song to try, especially for a guy. Definitely not a wow song, but he did do an alright job, but it was kind of weird for me, 3.5/5
•Randy said it was an interesting song choice, but it didn’t work for him.
•Ellen said it was a great song choice, but she wished he would have done something different to it.
•Kara agreed with Ellen for the most part.
•Simon said it was a little bit desperate.

Casey James was our next contestant singing “You’ll Thank Me” Another good performance, I’m not a huge fan of country, but it was alright 4/5
•Randy said it wasn’t amazing, it was too safe.
•Ellen thought it was great, and commented on his improvement after sitting down.
•Kara said she’s getting back on the Casey train, saying it’s a move in the right direction.
•Simon said this was his second best performance, but it’s nothing they’ll be raving about.

Aaron Kelly took the stage next singing another country song, “I’m Already There.”. Bad start, pretty pitchy, even in the main chorus, he had pretty bad flaws. Even if the judges don’t agree with me… 2.5/5 for me.
•Randy said he has the makings of something great, but he still has some work to do.
•Ellen said he stands like he has the confidence of a thirty year old, but the song was a little tough for him.
•Kara said it wasn’t the right song, and there was no way he could feel it.
•Simon said what Kara said rubbish, and it had emotion, and was the right type of song for him.

Hall was up next singing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. I have to say this is my favorite song sung by Todrick so far. Not too bad at all – 4/5
•Randy said Todrick is back!
•Ellen said he did a good job, and also made it sound like a gospel song.
•Kara said it was really good singing
•Simon said it was good in parts, but what he did was tell them he was a broadway singer. He ended the critique saying this song may have saved him this week.

Big Mike sang “This Woman’s Worth” in a classy suit and blue jeans after the commercial break. He did a really good job with it, 5/5
•Randy asked Really? But in a good way, he said it was dope and hot.
•Ellen said it was beautiful, and he is the one to beat.
•Kara cried at this performance, saying it was amazing.
•Simon said this was so needed tonight. Also saying he 100% nailed it.

I personally would vote for Tim Urban, actually. Tough choice though, mainly because I love Hallelujah, and I had no idea what Big Mike sang. I think the two leaving is Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia.


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