AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 8 Girls Perform | Recap

According to a tweet made by Ryan Seacrest, we were informed that there would be 8 girls performing tonight in only one hour. Which means we are going to be jam-packed, and the judges probably won’t have a ton of time to critique. It’ll be an exciting night, so let’s get started. When the episode began, Ellen was sitting on Simon’s lap as was predicted by Simon on Jay Leno last night.

Katie Stevens was up first singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” and she sounded awful, terribly pitchy. She didn’t really make it her own either, 2/5.
•Randy said it was one o his favorite songs from Kelly, and it paled in comparison.
•Ellen loved how she listened to their ideas on what to do, but didn’t see personality, and couldn’t feel it.
•Kara doesn’t think she knows who she is yet, and needs experience.
•Simon doesn’t think she’s figured out what kind of recording artist she wants to be, and she kinda sucked…….the energy out of it.

Siobhan Magnus was up next singing “House of the Rising Sun.” I think she was the real contestant that started the night for us. Not perfect, but pretty entertaining. 4/5
•Randy loves how she comes out and takes risks, and it was hot.
•Ellen says that performance is why she loves music.
•Kara loved the acapella vibe in the beginning. She loves how Siobhan is unique.
•Simon wasn’t a fan of that, but it was weird. He though if this was her first performance, he would have doubts.

Lacey Brown was immediately next singing “I was made for you”. Another song that I’ve never heard of, I think she did a pretty good job with it. 4/5
•Randy says the song was sleepy, but her best performance for him.
•Ellen agreed with Randy, saying it was the perfect son choice.
•Kara said these types of song are what she should be doing
•Simon says it feels like she’s been doing this for a long tome, but there’s a certain danger for her still.

Katelyn Epperly was up next “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet” I kept getting the forgettable feeling while listening to this, not that it was done bad. 3/5. Still need to see something amazing.
•Randy didn’t feel the right connection or vibe. I agree.
•Ellen dint think it was the right song to “wow” people with. It wasn’t enough.
•Kara didn’t feel like Katelyn was even competing tonight. Just going through the motions.
•Simon and Randy liked her hair, but Simon said it was like request night at restaurant, and it wasn’t special.

Moving right along, with Didi Benabi singing “Rhiannon”. Again, I really like her style, and I don’t know the song, but I really liked it. 4/5
•Randy said it was a whole lot better than last week. He wasn’t sure if there was a wow moment in there though.
•Ellen loves how she bounced back after getting torn apart last week.
•Kara said it was one of her favorite performances from her so far.
•Simon agreed with Kara, saying it was the best performance tonight.

Paige Miles came out singing Charlie Chaplin’s famous “Smile.” whenever we get slow songs like these, we are in danger of pitch problems, which I think hurt her a lot tonight. 3/5
•Randy said it didn’t work, and it was too big for her.
•Ellen said it was too sad when it was supposed to be uplifting.
•Kara agreed with Ryan and Ellen, saying it just felt wrong.
•Simon said it was a horrible choice of song, and the arrangement was awful.

Crystal Bowersox was up next on the electric guitar singing “Give Me One Reason”. Another great performance from my favorite girl contestant, not the best from her, but the best of the night, I think by far. 4.5/5
•Randy said this is what the show is all about. Saying it was hot.
•Ellen agreed with me, saying it was the best of the night.
•Kara said it was a great song choice, and was excited.
•Simon said she is one million billion percent going to be on the top 12. She is the one to beat.

“I Fall To Pieces” was the last song of the night, sung by Lilly Scott. All I can say is, they should have chosen Crystal to close the night.  Lilly did a pretty good job though, 4/5 for me.
•Randy said yo you’re in the zone.
•Ellen said she loved her originality.
•Kara congratulated her for doing a good job.
•Simon said she was brave picking a song like this, but did not have the wow factor.

So, on to predictions.  Crystal Bowersox is the girl I voted for tonight, and the two I think will be voted off is Katie Stevens, and Paige Miles.


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