AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 20 Elimination | Recap

Well, tonight’s the night we knock four kore contestants out. Also, I’m starting to really like them, so I think this is when it starts to get more depressing when some of our favorites leave. Let’s see if my predictions were right.

Ryan told us in the beginning that there were 27 million votes were racked in this week. Then our top 20 sang “I’ve Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. I liked this group song much more then last week’s, maybe because I knew this one.

After commercial break, Ryan started off the results. Tim Urban was first, and he was safe for another week. Todrick Hall was next, and was asked to stay standing up. Big Mike was next, and was safe. Casey James was next, and he was safe.  John Park was up now, next to Todrick. Out of the two John Park was the first contestant of the night leaving us.

Ryan stayed on the guys side and continued the results.  Lee was first, and as expected, he was safe. Aaron Kelly was the second one, and sat back down as he was told the good news. Alex Lambert was up, and was safe. Jermaine Sellers and Andrew Garcia were the last one standing. This one is obvious, Jermaine is going home, he can enjoy his onezee at home.

At the half point in the episode, Danny Gokey returned to the stage singing one of his newest songs. Danny was one of my all-time favorites last year, good to see him again.

Now we start the results for the ladies.  The back row stoo ip and Lilly Scott stood first, and sat right back down as she was safe. Paige Miles was second, and was safe. Katie Stevens was numbero three, and was safe.  Didi Benabi and Michelle Delamor was last standing…I predicted Didi, was I right? No! Didi was safe, I’m surprised. Then again, I didn’t give Michelle too high of a score either.

Front row was up after the commercials starting with Katelyn Epperly, and she was safe. Crystal Bowersox was next, and as expected, Crystal was safe. Siobhan was the next judged, and America decided she was safe. Haeley and Lacey were the last girls standing, my prediction was Haeley, was I right? Yes. Even after she was voted off, she smiles.

I’d say about 3/4 of my predicted contestants were right. Didi staying surprised me a little bit, but not a lot. Next week we have the top 16. See ya then, peace out!


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