DEXTER: Seasons 1-4 | Review

For the past week, I’ve been tuning into Showtime’s hit show “Dexter”.  A few years ago, I attempted to watch it, and watched the first two episodes.  Back then, Dexter proved to actually bore me a little.  It went by a little slow, but recently, I realized that I hadn’t done my promise.  I always give a show a three-episode chance to grab my attention.  So I watched the third episode, and you know what, it hooked me.  So for the last few days, I have watched every season of Dexter, and I cannot wait for season five to start.

For those who don’t know what Dexter is, I like to look at him as a vigilante for the city of Miami, Florida.  From a very early age, he has had the appetite for murder, but his adoptive father taught him a code.  Kill only the deserving, not the innocent.  So Dexter got a job as a splatter analyst for blood at Miami Metro Police Department.  Alongside him at the police department is his sister, Deb, a very hard working true cop.  Dexter also has a girlfriend, Rita, who has two kids, while he is a sociopath, he is a good actor, and can fake a good relationship.  Though if you ask me, there are some true colors shining through Dexter’s thick emotional shield.


Season 1 introduced us to a serial killer known as “The Ice Truck Killer”. A killer that dismembers bodies without leaving any blood whatsoever.  So the dismembered parts resembled a plastic doll taken apart.  We are also introduced to Deb’s new boyfriend, Rudy, who works as a maker of amputee body parts.  Later we learn that he is the Ice Truck Killer, and also Dexter’s biological brother.

Season 2 introduced us to a serial killer known as “The Bayside Butcher”, otherwise known as Dexter Morgan.  The police found Dexter’s stash of bodies under the sea.  They bring in a special serial-killer detective, Detective Lundy.  And even though he is like the crypt keeper, he ends up being Deb’s new boyfriend.  Well, this was a very nerve wrecking season, as Lundy got ridiculously close to finding out Dexter was the butcher, but Dexter was able to frame one of his co-workers, Dokes, who was killed at the end by Dexter’s girl on the side, Lila.  Lila was the main side-character this season, an arson and killer who believed she was Dexter’s true soul mate, and took him for what he was.  Dexter had morals though, so he had no choice but to kill her.

Season 3 introduced us to a serial killer known as “Skinner”.  Who got his name after skinning his victims.  The killer isn’t as serious as the first two seasons, but that wasn’t the main point of this season, this season was more about the friendship of Dexter and Miguel Prado.  Who for me really reminded me of the kinship between Batman and Lieutenant Gordon. He opened up to Miguel, and taught him his ways, how to kill.  Only Miguel hadn’t been taught that his whole life, so his appetite for murder included innocent people that he had a vendetta against. So again, Dexter had no choice. At the end of this season, Dexter got married to a pregnant Rita.

Season 4 introduced us to my personal favorite serial killer so far, “Trinity”, played by John Lithgow. Called the Trinity because he has been killing his victims for 30 years in threes.  However later in the season, they find out he also kills a young boy before the other three, making it fours. His character was so dark and creepy, but he played it so well, and I loved it. Dexter thought he could learn a thing or two from Trinity, because he also had a family, and they all seemed to love him.  Later on, we see he is a family abuser, and they only acted as if they loved him so he wouldn’t beat them. Deb finds out Dexter’s true brother was the Ice Truck Killer, and at the end, we are left with a cliffhanger.  Dexter’s son, sitting in a pool of blood, much like himself as a child after his mother was killed.  In the bathtub, layed Rita…dead. So my jaw dropped to the ground after this.

I personally cannot wait for the fifth season to premiere, and I will be posting Dexter recaps when it comes back. There are a lot of unanswered questions at this point.  How will Dexter cope with his dead wife?  He is a sociopath after all.  Though through the seasons, we have seen some true humanity in him.  His conscious, in the form of his adoptive father Harry. He still has to take care of his own and Rita’s kids. How will Deb react to Rita’s death, will she question why the Trinity killer picked Dexter, seeing it doesn’t match his M.O.? My guess is Dexter is going to shut himself out like never before, and he will need Deb more than he’s ever needed before.  She is his light at the end of the tunnel, even if he doesn’t believe that. At the end of season 4, he said he wanted to rid himself of the darkness once and for all, but that was before the death of his wife…so will he go Jack Bauer on everyone, and never have peace again? We’ll see.  Dexter probably returns in September, so we have quite a ways to ponder what will happen.  Peace out!


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