AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24 Elimination | Recap

Tonight’s the night on American Idol. The night where we say goodbye to four contestants. Two guys, two gals. After a suspensful intro, our best friend, Ryan Seacrest tells us that we’ve reeled in just over 24 million votes and a couple recognizable names perform tonight including Kris Allen and Allison Irraheata. Also in the audience is Kara’s husband, protecting her from Casey.

Our top 24 sang us a song about an American boy. Rather borin if you ask me, but it’s a good thing they aren’t judged on this performance. Already I’m wanting to see some frowning faces.

Siobhan was the firs to be judged, and she was fine. Haely Vaugn was the second judged, she was also safe. Michelle was the next one, also safe. Katelyn Epperly, the one I voted for, was next, and my vote wen through, she was safe. Janell and Katie stood together, and we sat on the edge of our seats while Ryan booted the first person of the night, Janell Wheeler. So tears form at our eyes as we watch her final song one last time…not really though.

After commercial break Allison Iraheata put a smile on our face when she sang a song from her new CD. Immediately after the song Ryan made Paige Miles stand up first, and she was safe as expected. Lacey Brown was second, and we learned she is also safe. Lilly Scott was our next safe contestant. Crystal Bowersox was next, and safe as expected. Ashley and Didi stood next to each other next. My guess was Ashley, let’s see if I was right…after a few words from the judges, the person goin home is Ashley, I was right. After a ticked off apology, she sang her song again, and it sucked again.

After the commercial break, Ryan showed us a clip of Tyler Grady singing in a bathrobe at the rehearsals. Big Mike was our first judged, what do we learn? His baby lives another week fatherless. John Park was up next, leaning he is safe. Aaron Kelly was up next, and my mom can sleep soundly, he’s safe. Todrick was up next, and surprised to see he was safe.  Joe Munoz and Tim Urban stood together at the end, and again after the talk with the judges, a decision was made. My guess was Tim, and I was wrong. Joe was the one that was cut! I can’t believe it, Tim sucked! Freaking beauty pagent, you’ll have your moment Tim…mark my words…I will rejoice when you get booted.

So when the commercial break ended, they already started talking about Idol gives back, then talked to Kris Allen, who recently went to Haiti. No offense, but there is a million Hope for Haiti programs out there, and I watch Idol to listen to people sing. I wish we could separate charities and forms of entertainment. What’s happening in Haiti is not entertaining. Anyways, Kris stole a number from Across the Universe, singing “Let it Be” by the Beatles.

We went to commercials, and once we got back we jumped right back to the results.  Casey James was the first up only to sit back down, he was safe. Jermaine Sellers was next and he was safe. Lee Dewyze was our next guy who was safe.  Andrew Garcia was next, and he was safe. Alex Lambert and Tyler Grady were the last two…I think Alex will get cut…let’s see. Again I was wrong! Alex is safe and Tyler is going home…the mullet lives to see another day…

So at the end, we hear the new going home song, then Tyler Grady took the stage one final time. That’s that, America. Only one of my guessed contestants were cut, which left me very surprised, peace!


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