AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 12 Guys Perform | Recap

It is night two out of three for American Idol. Tonight is the guys night to shine. Tomorrow, we get the eliminations. Tonight we start with Todrick Hall.

Todrick Hall enticed us with his song writing skills before singing “Since You Been Gone” by Idol Kelly Clarkson, using an interesting twist. Personally, I think it’s brave to change a big song like that up, but it wasn’t my cup of tea, 3/5
•Ellen said she loved how he changed it up, and he was a great performer.
•Randy said he didn’t know what song it was it was so different, and not to do that.
•Kara basically agreed with Randy
•Simon thought he came off as a dancer trying to sing, and that he murdered the original song, verging on stupid.

Aaron Kelly was our second contestant. After feeling sorry for himself for forgetting the lyrics in Hollywood week, he sang a country song that’s probably called “Here Comes Goodbye” but I won’t look up the real title, because country music is stupid. He did sing it well though, which is he only reason I rate it 4/5
•Simon said it was a very good performance, but he doesn’t look confident on stage.
•Kara also said he needs to gain confidence, and hedid a great job.
•Randy said even though there were some pitchy problems, he did a fantastic job.
•Ellen said he is going to be here a very long time, but he needs to gain confidence.

Jermane Sellers walked the stage next singing “Get Here.” I’ve never heard this song before, that being said, he did an alright job, I give him a 3.5/5.
•Ellen is a fan of Jermane’s, but thought he wasn’t
feeling the song as much as performing.
•Randy said he was trying too hard.
•Kara said he was trying to show what he’s got, and felt too old, and he’s young.
•Simon said it’s a song that would be a song requested at a 50’s bar

Tim Urban was up next talking about getting a spot on the top 24 after being cut originally. Honestly if he was cut once, I think it’ll probably happen again, we’ll see. He is singing “Apologize” by One Republic. The high points in the song sounded tacky to me, we’ll see what the judges thought. I gave it 3/5
•Simon cogratulated him for coming back, but then said they made the right decision first time around.
•Kara said the music overpowered him, and was buried and couldn’t get out of it.
•Randy said it was the wrong song, and none of it worked.
•Ellen said be couldn’t make the high notes, but was adorable.

Joe Munoz was our next happy camper to sing to the evil Simon Cowell. He sang “You and I Both”. Yet another song I don’t recognize. Nothing special for me, 3.5/5
•Ellen said that she could tell he was comfortable, and sounded great.
•Randy said it wasn’t the best song, but he did a great job.
•Kara liked the fact that he picked a different song, and so far is the best of the night.
•Simon kind of agrees, but he has to get out of the bubble, and it was a safe forgettable performance.

Tyler Grady came right after Joe singing “American Woman”. I think he did really great, 4.5/5 is my personal score for Tyler.
•Simon said people will remember this song, but for the wrong reasons. He called it cliche.
•Kara said he has an obsession with the 70’s, an she wants to see something different.
•Randy said he also wants to see a change.
•Ellen said he lacks charisma, and keeps imitating poses. Everybody wants to see a change.

Lee Dewyze was up next singing “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Gave off a fantastic performance, give or take a few pitchy moments. 4.5/5 for me.
•Ellen said it was a good song choice until it got too pushed, and she liked his voice.
•Randy disagreed with Ellen, and even though he likes his voice, it was the wrong song. Told him to pick more rock songs.
•Kara agreed with Randy
•Simon thought this was the best performance of the night, calling him a naturally good singer.

John Park came up next talking about how Shania Twain calling his butt cute, and wanting to propose to her. His song of the night was “God Bless the Child”. Tonights a night of unknown songs for me apparently, well John did an alright job, but forgettable for me. 3.5/5
•Simon said he doesn’t have a good enough voice to sing that song.
•Kara agrees with Simon, and there was no connection.
•Randy said he liked the bridge, but the song felt too old for him.
•Ellen thinks if it was a different song, people would see him for how they see him.

Big Mike was up next, our favorite guy that’s had a baby while singing for Idol. He sang “This Love” by Maroon 5. Another good performance by the big guy, 4/5.
•Ellen said she loves his personality, and it was a great song choice.
•Randy likes Big Mike, but he didn’t like it when he picked them up, because it hurt.
•Kara said she enjoyed it, but he could challenge it more.
•Simon said it was like a supporting performance for the main event.

The tenth person to entertain us was Alex Lambert. After complaining about Mary Powers, he sang a song that I didn’t cath the title, but he did a boring job, but the mullet has to go. I give him 4/5
•Simon said it was the most uncomfortable performance of the night, he needs to work on his nerves.
•Kara said he has a great potential, but he has to work on the nerves.
•Randy agreed with Kara
•Ellen likes the mullet, and then goes on to talk about bananas.

Casey James, Kara’s love interest was up next singing “Heaven” to Kara. It was like watching a chick flick, Kara’s married, dude. It was very good though. I give it 5/5.
•Kara started the judgement off stumbling over her words, and then saying it was kinda pitchy. Later saying he is eye candy AND ear candy.
•Ellen said it was good. Also joked about Kara batting her eyes a him.
•Randy said he likes him too, but not in that way.
•Simon said he chose the perfect song, and was the best song Casey has ever sung.

Andrew Garcia was our closer of the night, but will it end with a bang? My guess is yes, he is one of my favorite guys in the contest. He sang “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” I think he chose the wrong song, but he di it well. 4/5
•Simon said he was looking forward to seeing him, and he was disappointed. He thought it was too serious and indulgent and forgettable.
•Kara said he took a risk, but it was too strange.
•Randy said the arrangement was strange, but he is a fan of his, and wants him to go back to that spot.
•Ellen said she’s also a fan, but agrees with everyone else. He needs to go back to when he was shining and having fun.

So I think the obvious two people getting kicked off will be Todrick Hall and Tim Urban, the two T’s. We’ll see tomorrow, peace out!


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