LOST: S06E04 – The Subsitute | Recap

Well everyone, it is my birthday today, and sorry for skipping out on the last two episodes, but because this is my site, I can do what I want, so there!

We start the episode in the suburbs, where John lock gets out of his handi-capable van to his girlfriend, Helen’s house, to which we learn they are getting married afterall! She notices Jack’s business card and says it is destiny that they met, and he should give the good doctor a call.

We go to the island and see through the eyes of the smoke monster, flying around the jungle, who then turns into Locke and meets up with Richard, saying “We have to talk.” John pulls a Darth Vader and tells Richard to come with him to the Dark Side and he would tell him everyhing. Richard declines.

Flash sideways to an office cubicle where John works, that same box-making company.  He then got fired after lying about where he was. Locke tries to get into his handicap car after getting fired, but Hurley’s jeep is in the way, because he owns the place.  Because Locke lost his job, Hurly gave him the number to a temp agency, and that they would give him a new job pronto.

Ben, in the statues foot, tells Ilana that Locke turned into smoke and killed her people, and killed Jacob.  She picked up Jacobs ashes and pocketed them…strange.

Locke walks into Sawyers house and meets up with a very drunk Sawyer. He gives Locke a shot of whiskey an tells him to get out. He then calls Locke out on not really being Locke, seeing he isn’t scared, and John was a scared man. Being secretive and still not saying his names, he tells Sawyer he can give him answers if he joins him on the dark side.

Ilana told Sun that if Jin is on the island, he’s at the temple, and that’s where they should go. Locke and Sawyer see a kid, when Locke runs after him, the kid told him he can’t kill him because of the rules. To which Locke shouts “Dont tell me what I can’t do!” Richard pops out of the jungle and tells Sawyer Locke won’t tell him anything, but will kill him instead.

The Temp agency supervisor is Rose.  Locke wants a job in construction, but she isn’t as quick to give him the job, tells him about her sob story of cancer, and offers to give him a more suitable job.

Sawyer takes Richards advise and pulls a gun on Locke in the middle of the jungle, asking again who he is. Locke says he’s trapped, because he’s always evasive about real answers.  He offers answers once more, and Sawyer reluctantly agrees to keep following.

Team Ilana bury good ol Locke in Lost’s official burial site. Irony put Lockes killer, Ben, doing the eulogy, to which he fessed up about being the murderer. Cap’n Lepedis Crunch says “This is the weirdest funeral I’ve ever seen.”

Flash sideways to John Locke attempting to call Jack, but lost his nerve and hung up. Helen was about to give him a slap on the wrist when Lockes suitcase came in the mail, she found out he had lied to his boss and lost his job, when in reality he was on a walkabout.

On the island, Locke and Sawyer find a ladder on an extremely tall cliff. When they started climbng down, Sawyer fell, but smokey Locke caught him. They found  a cave, and after entering, we see a lot of scratched off names of our heroes in the wall next to the famous numbers. Intersting.

In the next flash-sideways, we learn about Locke’s new job as a high-school substitute.  In the teachers lounge, we meet a frustrated Ben Linus, because somebody left a used coffee filter in the machine.  How is Ben still alive if they blew the island up with him on it?

Sawyer is realizing what we realized before last commercial break. Every one of the survivors names next to the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. Like Jack, one of the Kwons, Hurley, Locke and Sawyer. At the end of this scene, Sawyer agrees to leave with Locke, off the island: superimpose LOST on the screen.

Overall, a pretty decent episode, I have definitely seen better episodes, but I would have to say the major plot points in this episode would be the meaning of the numbers.  Even though we’re not entirely sure what they completely mean, we do know that they have something to do with the main characters, and last season we learned the numbers were supposed to be the variables in the Valenzetti equation, and Faraday said that they (the characters) were those variables.  Interesting, but still confusing.  Also, like I said before, the question of how Ben is still alive in this flash-sideways.  Well that’s all I got to report, until next time, PEACE!


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