AMERICAN IDOL: SEASON 9 – TOP 24 (Pt. 2) | Recap

Picking up from last night, we recap who has gotten through so far, the first 7 contestants who got through, we jump right back to the final judgments.
Janell Wheeler was up first for the night, and according to her auditions, she didn’t do so well, let’s find out what the judges thought. She got through!

Tyler Grady was the first guy of the night to face the four faces of Simon, Kara, Randy and Ellen. after talking about his rock moves, Kara moves him on through.

Lacey Brown, another girl with red hair was up next. She didn’t make it last year, but did she do it this time? Yes, her work has pulled off this time.

We then see a montage of contstants making it through.  Among these, I notice Alex Lambert, but that’s it. Note to self: Pay attention the next time American Idol does a montage!

Princess Yellowteeth was up next.  She was one of my favorites so far, let’s see if the judges agree with me. They did agree with me, she has made it.

17 year old Katie Stevens was next. We met her when she told us the story of her grandmother with alzheimers. She made it.

We then get a montage of conestants who didn’t make it through. I don’t know them by name, so I shall call them Big Red Glasses and a couple other guys.

Angela Martin, no, not the Angela Martin from “The Office” was up next. After her sob story of being in jail, and auditioning 3 times for the show. Kara kneels down at her side not to propose, but to say she is a great singer, but as we all know, American Idol doesn’t want great singers, they want perfect singers. She didn’t make it through.

Lilly Scott, the only contestant with white hair, was up next. They showed the good and the bads, as they did with several others before. She made it through.

Contestants by the names of Page, Siobhan, Michelle, Jermaine, and John made it through on the next montage of people making it through.

Haely Vaughn and Tori Kelly were the only girls left for the top 24. Let’s find out who made the cut. The girl who took the final spot for the girls was Haely, I was surprised. It was a close one.

Andrew Garcia and Thadious Johnson (Momma’s boy) were now the final two guys. If I had to guess at this point, I would totally guess Andrew Garcia, because I don’t think I could take a whole season of a bouncy mother following around her son, freaking out about everything he does. Besides, Andrew reminds me of Danny Gokey. And I was right, after a tearful moment from Momma’s Boy, we learn Andrew made the final cut. Meanwhile, Thadious’s mom follows him into the bathroom and into the stall.

Next week, we go live, Tuesday, the top 12 girls perform, and Wednesday, the top 12 guys perform. Peace!


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