AMERICAN IDOL: Season 9 – TOP 24 (Pt. 1) | Recap

Top 24: Part 1

This is the episode where we find out who goes and who stays, unfortunately at this point, I’m still not at a first name basis with the contestants, so I’ll name them by their characteristics. Such as black country girl, blonde Nickelback wannabe, P!nk Powers, Black Hulk Baby Daddy, Shelby TwoFace, and Princess Yellowteeth.
This episode also introduced us to a few more contestants, like Momma’s Boy, Hopefull Johnson, Janell Weirder, and Charity Case, as well as several others.

This is the episode where the contestants are split up into three different rooms, each with some of our favorites of the season. Like the seasons before, each room is silent and dreary, not a soul attempting to keep themselves entertained, no books or laptops in sight.

At the end of the first hour, the judges make the tough decision to cut one of the three rooms, which was Room #2.  Among the losers is Pink Powers, Singing Cop, and Hopeful Johnson, or should I say, Hopeless Johnson.

It isn’t over yet though. We have another hour left as the judges start making the final judgment of who makes the top 24. Black Hulk is up first to see if he’s made it, I think yes, let’s find out. It’s a yes! I think I’ll be calling him Big Mike from now on.

Didi Somethingerother was up next, she’s the emotional one that was inspired by her recently departed best friend. Her tears make a reappearance at the judgement panel, but happy tears, she made it through.

Frizzy Hair Katelyn was up next. While Ellen rants about how cruel it is waiting for an answer, Katelyn waits in frustration. But in the end, she made it through.

Twoface Shelby was up next. unfortunately, she didn’t make it, too bad, I kind of liked her style.

Casey James, the shirtless Nickelback lookalike was the second guy to face judgement. After discussing his hometown of “Cool” they said it’s “cool” that he got through.

Aaron Kelly was next to tread the walk of shame. Though it was the opposite of shame. The 16-year-old high school student made the cut.

Lee Dewyze was the fourth guy to face judgement day, and it seems like he has friends in the judges as they let him through.

Todrick was the next guy up. After getting engaged to a random girl by a poolside, he learns after a quick “yes” from Kara that he made it through.

Jessica Furney came bouncing down the steps to the judges panel. She was one of the only contestant that knew the words to a very hard song on group night.  It didn’t pay off, though. She wasn’t leaving without a fight, though. After a begging, they shot her down.

Tomorrow, American Idol reveals the final 17 people who made the cut. Tune in tomorrow to see who stays and who goes! Peace out!


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