24: S08E08 – 11:00PM – 12:00AM | Recap

24 is packed with action once more this week.  Included in tonight’s hour, President Hassan continues his paranoia, Agent Ortiz grows suspicious of Dana when she continues to deal with her current predicament, and Jack Bauer is tortured once again by angry Russians, all this and more in tonight’s episode!

President Hassan’s daughter visits him, angry at him for taking her boyfriend into custody, seeing that he is perfectly innocent.  He disagrees with her, and is upset after learning she had been dating one of his employees, but she is quick with a comeback, using his own discretions against him.

Dana Walsh has been running around, worried that she’ll get caught after her stalker beat up the security guard.  Well, all seems well, because he got away, and was enjoying the good life when she finally got a hold of him.  Although, he told her that he was not done with her help yet, as I would have guessed.  Because $120,000 is obviously not enough money to retire with, he needed to really get rich. If she didn’t help him, he threatened to squeal to her boyfriend.  All the while, Stalker #2, creepy CTU colleague caught her in the act talking to her ex, and thought she was leaving Ortiz for her ex.  He threatened to also squeal to Ortiz, leaving Dana in a little bit of a pickle.

After being carried underground, Jack is brought to the head Russian, who was currently making a pot of stew.  Jack tried to hold his cover, offering to outbid Farhad for the fuel rods. Thinking Jack is a cop, he unleashes his best torturer out on him.  They string him up, like a previous 24 episode, where Jack once died.  Only this time, they hook him up to something that looks like a car battery, and connect a couple jumper cables to his body, one being in his stab wound, and they let it zap him.

When Ortiz brings Renee in after her meltdown, Hastings gives her a look of disappointment, but at the same time, a look that says, “Point the camera at me, because I look good” He puts the blame on her for killing their only lead to the fuel rods, even though from the start, Jack said she is unstable.  Anyway, he told her that she had to go to medical for a complete psych evaluation. Meanwhile, Ortiz talks to Stalker #2 about his fiancé, to which he is told that she might be out with a guy, her ex.

In the torture room, somehow, Jack the Grandpa got the upper hand, and zapped his captor, broke the pipe that was holding him, and killed the guy all without being heard by the bad guys in the next room.  When he got out, he killed the lights and waited for the bad men to come to him, so he could use their cell phone to get a hold of Chloe, to trace the number.  Needless to say, Jack gets a machine gun and starts blasting people away, while the head Russian had a pretty cool shotgun, and the two had a showdown.  In the end, Jack ran out of bullets, so the only smart thing to do is to hide under an invulnerable table.  Even after the Russian shot the table with a shotgun, Jack was untouched, and knocked the Russian out with that invulnerable table.

The Russian guy tells Jack where the fuel rods are, and Ortiz and the gang were off to find it.  Though when they got to the location, they found nothing but two dead guards, and an empty truck as well as a golden cross necklace.  Josef had backstabbed his father, and was taking the fuel rods to Fahrad, and would be there in less than five minutes, because in 24’s world you can get anywhere in a major city in no more than 5 minutes. At the club, Dana Walsh spies on her ex, and pulls a gun from her purse and the clock goes tick tock tick tock.


2 thoughts on “24: S08E08 – 11:00PM – 12:00AM | Recap”

  1. The really remarkable part was that Jack hid under precisely the right table to surprise Bazhaev from behind! How did Jack know exactly where the Russian would pause?

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