24: S08E07 – 10:00pm-11:00pm | Recap

In this fun-filled hour of TV, we learn President Hassan and Renee Walker are both losing their marbles, Dana Walsh goes through with her plot to help her ex steal money, but does it work? Find out in this recap!

For the past few hours, we learn that after the attempt on his life President Hassan has not only grown angry at his brother for his betrayal, but also paranoid that everybody is after him, so he has been going against his initial views on peace, and began arresting some of his own men, because he was sure they were in on the conspiracy.  He is also threatening to terrorize their families in order for them to talk.  Needless to say, he’s losing his mind.

Also losing her mind is Renee Walker.  She’s trying hard to make things work, and when Jack shows up, offering to pull her out, she tells him no, that would compromise everything, so he is forced to stay undercover.  When she tries to pressure Vladimir into asking for an initial $5 million dollars, he pushes her away, and says they are fine.  When he will not leave her alone, she goes postal, takes a knife out, and stabs him in the eye! If that wasn’t enough, she continues to stab him after he’s already dead.  When Jack comes to intervene, she stabs him in the gut! Though a simple stab to the gut isn’t enough to stop Jack Bauer, he still is able to toss that same knife into a villain nearby’s neck, and shoot down the rest of the Russians. Go Jack!

Meanwhile, Dana Walsh walks her ex through the steps of thievery, gives him the security codes, and watches the security cams as he does his criminal act.  They find the right place, and they even find the money, but his partner isn’t happy with just that, so with 15 minutes until they are caught, they decide to stay and look for more cool things, like squirt guns. Needless to say, when those 15 minutes was up, a security guard showed up, and they had no choice, but to beat the man down with a baseball bat.  Stupid, now Dana’s career is in jeopardy.

Well, after calling CTU, and giving them a quick briefing of what just happened, some more Russians showed up.  Jack stashed Renee into the bathroom’s closet, and went into the living room, bouncing right back into character. He told them he was forced to fight them when they backstabbed him.  So they took him away, leaving Renee in the closet to be later found by Agent Ortiz and the rest of CTU.  Jack is dragged through some underground tunnels, undetected by CTU’s drones. Tick tock tick tock.


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