LOST: S06E01-E02 – LA X (1-2) | Recap

LOST is back again, and better than ever as ABC exploded 2-Brand new episodes for LOST’s final season. This time, we were introduced to a new form of flashing.  This new flashing is neither backwards or forwards, but it is sideways.  That’s right, flash-sideways! How does that work? Well it’s complicated.

Last season, we left our heroes blowing themselves to oblivion after the core of the nuclear bomb was dropped in to the dharma hole.  Then for about a half year, we wondered in anticipation what the heck happened.  Well in the end, Dr. Faraday was right on both theories.  First, whatever happened happened, and if they blow the island up, they can go back to that plane before any bad things ever happened.  There is now two parallel universes, one where the premiere started, and two, still on the island.  Confused yet? It only gets weirder.

So the episode started off with the good doctor on Oceanic 815, looking out the window and talking to the flight stewardess and Rose as he did in the pilot.  But curiosity rose when the plane violently shook, but wasn’t taken down.  The plane was fine.  Also note Jack’s hair, in the pilot, he had buzzed hair, now he had what looks like modern day hair.  Bernard came back from the bathroom and Jack went back to use it for himself.

In the potty room, Jack noticed a peculiar cut in his neck that had not been there prior…When he returned to his seat, we are surprised to see Desmond sitting next to him! This possibly might be the most interesting aspect seeing he never flew on that plane. Outside the planes window, we dive through the clouds and through the water to see the island completely submersed under the water.  At this point…my jaw is already completely dropped to the ground.

On the island, although, things remain to be unchanged as Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Jack, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid remain the same, how they were before the explosion.  They stood at the hatch, the one that Desmond exploded, saying that the events that transpired these past few seasons, still transpired…Sawyer is ticked off at Jack for failing to succeed in their attempt to go back to the way things were. Unknowingly to them, it did work.  Juliet, however, is remarkably a-okay down below where she fell in the finale.  Well, a-okay shouldn’t be the word I choose, alive is more like it.  Meanwhile, Sayid is rapidly losing his life after the gunshot wound last year.  When Jacob’s ghost appears itself to Hurley, he told him the only people that could help Sayid now, were the Aztec people, and it was apparently imperative that Sayid lives…interesting.

Well Juliet may be alive, but by just barely.  When Sawyer finally got to her, they kissed, and before she died in his arms, she wanted to tell him something.  She wasn’t able to.  We found out what she wanted to say later, at her burial.

On Oceanic 815, Jack is called to help someone.  Apparently somebody wasn’t breathing, chocking on something.  Jack revived Charlie after choking on heroin.  CHARLIE! Kate bumped into jack, and quietly stole his pen.

At Juliet’s buriel, Sawyer forced Miles to find out what Juliet wanted to tell him.  After some weird ghost whispering moments, Miles said what she wanted to say was “It worked.” Referring to the nuclear bomb. At the statue, John is still hanging out with Ben after the murder of Jacob.  Though when he told Ben to grab Richard for him, Richard wouldn’t agree to go in.  Jacob’s bodyguards went in instead, weapons drawn.  When they tried to shoot John, bullets bounced off his chest, and he turned into the smoke monster.  Damon and Carlton said in an interview that this man, this smoke monster, is not in fact Jacob’s enemy…even though they were talking about the loop hole last season…confusing.

When the plane landed, Charlie was taken into custody.  Locke said goodbye to Boone.  Shannon wasn’t with Boone, because she strangely stayed in Australia.  Hurley is lucky, not unlucky.  Off the plane, we find out the airline has misplaced Jack’s father.  They don’t know how long it’ll take to get back, because they don’t know where he is.  At the lost and found desk, Jack meets Locke, who lost his traveling suitcase, which held his knives.  Jack offered Locke his spinal-surgeon card, and offered him a free surgery? What Jack? That’s random and weird…but okay.  THEORY TIME – This may be farfetched, but what if…Jack fixed Locke…and somewhere along the season, probably the finale…they get sent back to the island, with no memory of what just happened…and that is why Locke’s legs work… I know… crazy.

The guys bring Sayid’s dying body to the Aztec wall.  They go through the ground that Ben fell through, and were met up with some of the original hostels.  The ones that are barefoot, and they were brought to a huge Mayan-looking temple, to their leader, who looked like a kung-fu master…and he sort of is.  They bring Sayid into a great fountain, and hope that he magically survives.  Though they act like they drown him, and then tell everyone he’s dead…ya think?  When they pulled Hurley aside, he told them about Jacob’s death, and they began measures to secure the building, to keep the monster out.

Richard saw the signal, and a huge look of fear swept his face.  Locke came out, and Richard told his people not to shoot.  That’s when Mr. Clean went Bruce Lee on Richard, slung him over his shoulder, and told everyone he was very disappointed in them.

Kate got away from the FBI man once again as she went to the bathroom and used Jack’s pen to unlock her handcuffs.  When he grew suspicious, she busted his head open over the sink (much like the head injury he got in the plane…also when they found Charlie he said “terrific” fate is finding them)  She was pretty smart, ran into Sawyer and Hurley, until she finally took a cab car hostage with a frightened Claire sitting next to her.

Finally back at Aztec land, Sawyer and Miles were captured making the team complete, and dead Sayid sat up and looked at them asking “What happened?” BOOM, and that’s where the epic episode ended.  Is that really Sayid, or is it…Jacob inhabiting his body, and that was why it was important to keep him alive.  What was this mysterious pool at Aztec land? Was it the fountain of youth?  Once again I wonder the secrets of LOST, and get pumped for more episodes! Go LOST!


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