24: S08E06 – 9:00pm – 10:00pm | recap

In this next action filled hour of adventure, Renee continues to stay under cover, even when the whole ordeal became harsh quick.  Jack maintains his cover as the buyer, and Dana Walsh succumbs to her stalker’s demands? We’ll see about that.

The clock ticks nine at night, and Jack has just arrived to the scene where Renee was being held captive by Vladimir.  He took her with him when he began to trust her.  Jack is worried about her safety and wants to pull her out but Director Hastings says they cannot risk the operation, they just have to have faith in Renee.

It appears Dana Walsh is actually doing what her stalker ex was demanding.  She brought up some info on stolen money from a drug bust, telling him that she could get him in and out, no questions asked. She found out the codes, and printed a card off for him that would grant him access.  She was able to get it to him, but not before her not-so-secret admirer co-worker spotted her deal over the security cameras.  I’m betting in the end she’ll set him up.

The last time we saw Josef, he was sneaking his brother into a hospital and having a doctor take a look at him without questions.  Throughout the episode we realize that indeed the brother is in serious condition and needs a bone marrow transplant.  Seeing how Josef can’t risk it, he asked if there was anything else the good doctor could do for him.  It appears that maybe there is something they could do, but there are no promises.  He gave him some medication that would begin to show signs of improvement in a week, well seeing we don’t have a week, I’m already thinking somewhere along this season, this guy is going to die.

Well it doesn’t take long for Vladimir to go after Renee. She gave Jack a call to let him know the deal is on, and he would be there soon.  Vladimir took this as an opportunity to get friendly with Renee, ignoring her constant rejections.  When Jack told her over her earpiece (that she has no problem wearing in the shower) that she doesn’t have to do this, they can find another way, she told him this was the only way, and then flushed the earpiece.

So Jack then went under his cover, rocking his creepy glasses look from “Phonebooth”.  They noticed almost right away that he had an American accent while speaking German. So they decided to have the rest of the conversation in English.  The deal went by pretty smoothly. He wired the five million dollars into their account, to which they tried to kill him, under Vladimir’s orders, of course. Jack wasn’t stupid though, he’s done this before.  Agent Cole Ortiz was acting as the sniper, and took everyone down, all except the man who Jack was dealing with personally.  After a conversation with a frustrated Vladimir,  Jack and the man were off to do some actual business.  By actual, I mean Jack is probably going to kick some major tail when he finds Vladimir.

Back at the hospital, Josef was found by his father’s men.  Obeying his orders, they took Josef and his brother back into custody.  You can bet their father was not very happy with this attempt to save his son’s life.  To punish Josef, he pulled out a gun, and shot his dying son in the chest, taking away his final breath. I guess I was right about him dying this season. I’m not sure exactly why the father doesn’t want his son to live.  Maybe it is so it removes any growing questions revolving the weaponized uranium.


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