Supernatural: S05E12 – Meat Swap | Recap

It was Freaky Friday this week on Supernatural when we find out Sam has traded places with a 17 year old boy.  The beginning is quite hysterical as we see Sam act like a child at a bar giggling about ordering an alcoholic beverage.  If you ask me, he wasn’t acting like a 17 year old. His maturity was more along the lines of like 14 or 15.

After the main title, we are sent into the past to see how everything is set into motion. Dean and Sam are eating at a fast-food joint and taking a look at their new case.  It involves a pretty simple black and white case of a haunting. Their case wasn’t the important part, the important part was the boy that gave them their order, Gary, was giving the brothers a hard stare down.  Later that night, when Sam was strangely walking alone, he got shot in the neck by a tranquilizer gun.

Waking up alone in the woods, Sam is disoriented.  So he begins to walk onto the nearest road, piecing together what just happened.  When a cop car pulled up alongside him telling him his family has been worried about him.  Needless to say, the only family he has is Dean, so he didn’t understand why his brother would go to the police about this.  The policeman drove him to a house which Sam didn’t recognize, and to a family he didn’t recognize either.  When he asked what the heck was going on, they played it off as him being drunk.  In the car’s reflection he saw the 17 year old Gary.  Cue Quantum Leap’s Sam Beckett saying “Oh boy.”

In their hotel, Sam was flexing his muscles and marveling at his own body when Dean came in.  Gary told him that they had to move because the maid freaked out when she saw that, pointing to a laid out collection of personal artillery.  This was the first sign to Dean that something wasn’t quite right, but weirdly, it takes a lot for Dean to puzzle everything together correctly. Well Gary actually knew more about the case then Sam did, and together, they took care of it.  Gary played with his gun like a boy would, making Dean even more confused.

In Gary’s body, Sam went to school to try to find a spell book, after finding evidence of witchcraft in his bedroom.  His locker held a very powerful satanic spell book, and Sam was about to leave when he was stopped by Gary’s friends, who were apparently in on it to when they shot him with a tranquilizer gun. Locked up in a basement, he found out that Gary had to get into Sam’s body to kill Dean.  Since he is on Hell’s most wanted poster, they thought they would be rewarded.  So they called a demon forth, told her where Dean was a demanded 10 million dollars as well as love.  The demon decided a better reward would be to kill him.

Dean finally figured out Sam wasn’t really Sam after all the obvious signs and tied the boy up.  It wasn’t long after, the demon from before showed up to collect.  She knocked Dean unconscious and let the boy go.  She told him, because he is in Sam’s body, that he would have to see the Devil himself, and when he did, just say “yes” to his question.  Gary wasn’t so sure that was a good idea, so he began to exercise the demon, as did Dean, and together, they got rid of it.

They found Sam, and switched their bodies back to normal.  Gary went back to his old life, and the brothers went back on the road.  Now, for the most part, I saw this episode as filler.  Mostly because this series is all about the apocalypse, and the end of the world.  A lot of the beginning episodes were almost biblical in a sense, referencing a lot of different things.  This one felt like it was holding back, yeah we get it, Sam has to say yes.  Until that happens, I feel it is a little boring.  My guess is, in the end, he will say yes like the future predicted, but he will say yes to try to kill the Devil from the inside. Well we’ll see how that goes, peace out!


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