SMALLVILLE: S09E10 – Disciple | Recap

\What’s happening, does the Green Arrow have an evil twin? It appears so as Lois and Clark leave their first official public date.  When Clark immediately leaves at the sound of a scared cry, Lois sees the undeniable hero known as the Green Arrow.  Although, viewers may have to disagree when he shoots Lois down where she stood.

Later, when Oliver was meditating, he is attacked by a ninja? No, in fact it’s Mia.  She goes on a rant about how she wasn’t serious, and how Oliver has lost it, seeing he didn’t even respond to his own name.  Thus trying to fool the audience a little more. Well needless to say, it isn’t Oliver who is going around terrorizing his loved ones, it’s a bearded guy DC fans know as the Dark Archer, the evil version of the Green Arrow.

Not too long after, the Dark Archer went after Chloe, and her and Lois’s statement both held Oliver responsible.  In reality, Oliver went missing after he returned from that island, and joined some kind of cult, that believed in three things.  No lovers, allies, or disciples.  Lois was the lover, Chloe was the ally, and Mia was the disciple.

The Dark Archer kidnapped Mia, to bring Oliver to him.  When they met up, he told Olly that his final mission was to kill him.  When it came right down to it, Oliver wasn’t a murderer and couldn’t do that dirty work.  So Dark Archer knocked him down and went after Mia.  Of course in the end, Clark showed up just in time to stop anyone from getting hurt, but Oliver did get a shot in, possibly killing the dark archer.

Meanwhile, Zod has been getting pretty impatient about getting his powers back, and because he cannot hurt Clark, he is perfectly capable of hurting the ones he loves. He went to Lois, and gave her a Kryptonian necklace.  Clark told him to back off, and Zod took this as a sign of hostility, that’s when the camera panned up, showing their device to turn the sky red was almost complete.


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