FRINGE: S02E14 | Recap

Fringe: S0?E?? – “” | Recap

This week of Fringe was an interesting episode that once again makes you think about the possibilities that science really has.  Could this be possible, in most cases, I’d say with modern science, no.  Well the episode began in a wedding.  A strange man is seen in the back watching everything happen.  One of the first things you notice is almost everyone in the wedding is Jewish.  So when everyone began to suffocate, I immediately thought whatever was killing people was only killing Jews.  Not exactly, but as it turns out, I wasn’t far off.

When the guys arrived at the scene Walter made a comment to Peter about having a future daughter-in-law.  Hoping it would one day be Olivia and she would call him Dad.  Great stuff, gotta love Walter.  Well in the church, they found out that all the candles were the same, all but one, which had a distinct smell of cinnamon.   This is where whatever pathogen killed the people came from.  Walter theorized that whatever happened would happen again.

He was right.  In a diner not too far away, the strange man standing at the back of the church staged another attack.  This time with hot tea and hot is the key.  He poured in a liquid that once again smelled like cinnamon, and the next time we see the diner, there are bodies scattered apart.  Walter was the one that found out that each one of the victims had brown eyes. And he found out that the virus that killed them was somehow targeting a common group. He wasn’t quite sure how though.  Well the German spotted Walter, and noticed that he looked quite similar to his father. How would he know that?

Walter found out that each virus had a signature in it.  Don’t ask me how the killer managed to pull that off. Peter noted it was the symbol of a seahorse. Walter knew instantly what Peter was talking about.  His father was a Natzi that was a scientist, and he remembered reading about a guy on the team that was so fast of a swimmer, fellow teammates called him a seahorse.  When looking for his father’s memoirs, he found out they no longer had them.  Peter sold them a while ago because he “needed money.” By needed money I mean, getting payback when he was sore with his dad.

So Olivia and Peter tracked down the bookstore he sold it to, and because the bookstore manager was a packrat, he had a list of items that were sold.  With that list, they found someone’s house that at first looked like a huge Natzi headquarters, but was apparently the work of an artist. They didn’t find the killer, but they did find Walter’s books.  Which means the killer didn’t copy off the work of Walter’s father. They also confiscated one of the artist’s work of art, which had the location of the killer’s actual house.

In that house they found several chemistry sets, and Walter began to choke.  They saved his life just in time, and found out, the killers real motive.  Live out Hitler’s original plan of wiping different people off the planet by focusing on certain genetic traits.  While Olivia and Peter tracked down where the killer’s next location was, Walter formed a different plan.  He made his own version of the formula, tracked down the killer and gave the doctor his own medicine, go Walter!  Well, Broyles frowned on that, but let the old man go. When asked why he did that, Walter basically said that man was using my father’s work for evil, and because I love my family, I will do anything for them. Very heartfelt but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Fringe is very low on my list of TV shows to see. Every now and then there’s a good one, but even so, there are so many other shows I’d rather see.  Of course I have time to see everything, but Fringe is always the last one I see.  I sure hope they pick up their pace, if they don’t I promise the show will get cancelled.


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