24: S08E05 – 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Recap

24: S08E05 – 8:00PM – 9:00 PM

This recap is written in real time

In this episode of 24, Renee continues to prove to everyone that she is unstable while undercover with the Russians, CTU analyst Dana Walsh meets with her mystery stalker to which we finally are givin some insight as to what’s going on, and finally David Ander’s character tries to save his brother’s life from the rapid effects of the weaponized uranium.

We start the hour off with Josef Bazhaev (Anders) worrying about the life of his brother, who is suffering from the effects of the uranium. Their father, on the other hand couldn’t care less if his son dies, and tells him to just let it happen. This doesn’t pass off as acceptable, so Josef takes his brother to a doctor and tells him to operate under the table, seeing he has the effects of illegal weaponized uranium in his system. This was pretty much their storyline of the hour.

CTU Analyst Dana Walsh can’t seem to get this stalker off her back when he calls her again. This time, he wants her to meet him face to face at her apartment so they can settle some things, needless to say, she agrees because had she said no, he would have called her boyfriend, Ortiz, and told him about her past. Apparently she was an accessory to murder. He explained it as her name isn’t really Dana Walsh, its Jenny and she is an ex-con that had something to do with a murder. They way I see it, is she was caught in something bad, probably a getaway driver, when her boyfriend (the stalker) killed someone. We learn more about that later.

Renee is still trying to keep her cover. Jack thinks she is unstable, which she obviously is. She convinces him to leave before the guy wakes up. Apparently she didn’t cut the guy’s hand off, it was only his thumb, so my bad. Well, Jack gives her another shot, and leaves. When the man comes to, Renee tells him that he’s free and offers him a little money, and he seems to forget all about his missing thumb and takes her to the man, Vladimir Laitanan, to find out more about the uranium. He tests her on her loyalty asking her questions. Thanks to Chloe’s googling powers, each question was answered correctly, but Vlad isn’t completely sure she is telling the truth, so he shoves her in a car trunk and drives off. Jack then drives after the car.

When Dana meets her stalker, she offers him $1,000 to leave her alone once and for all, but as it turns out, he’s not after her money, he’s after her job. He knows that she has access to some highly classified security files, like bank codes and files. He wants her to hand over some info, so he can get his hands on six figures. Supposedly, if she does this one job for him, he’ll leave her alone for good, but something tells me he won’t.

It turns out the car Jack was following was a decoy, and Renee was really on the other side of town. Vlad pulled a gun on her asking her who she really is. Jack listens on the other line as Renee tells him to pull the trigger, that she really has nothing to live for other than this job. He takes the bate, and lets her live…phew.

Jack has to feel guilty for what Renee has been going through. Had last season not happened, Renee wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide. Everybody around Jack tends to get hurt or dies, I just hope this season, Jack can do some right. I wonder how Dana is going to deal with this, will she do the dirty work, or will she do the right thing? Only time will tell, and the clock is ticking…


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