Supernatural: S05E11 – Sam, Interrupted | Recap

The hunting brothers are back this week, and they’re crazy? Dean and Sam admit themselves to an insane asylum after a few patients go dead after telling their orderlies about a monster that comes and goes, eating people.  Really crazy people? Monsters?  Why do Sam and Dean even think twice about this case? Because one of their dad’s hunting buddies lives there now, and reported it to the brothers.

After we learn the monster eats peoples brains and makes their deaths look like accidents, we learn the monster can look like anyone.  The only way to distinguish them is to look in the mirror, where their true form comes out.  That’s when the main doctor walks past, looking like a monster in the mirror.  I was actually pumped, cause I was guessing he was the monster from the beginning, but it turns out I was wrong.  When Sam tries to kill the main doctor, we learn the guy’s really human…uh oh.

Why did Dean see the monster then? Good question.  You see, this is when we learn the brothers really are going crazy, Dean is seen talking to himself when he thinks he’s talking to his smoking hot psychiatrist, everybody looks like monsters in the mirrors.  Sam also starts to see things that don’t exist, so something is definitely wrong.  Basically, this monster also has the power to make you crazy.  Convenient.  Well it does so by contact, which we learned later was only a touch.

The boys kill the monster and run away, with Sam feeling sorry for himself.  Thinking that they were right, that he was always a mad child, and has a lot of pent up anger.  Oh Sammy, until next episode!


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