24: 2 Day – 4 Hour Premiere | Recap

24 is back with another 2 day 4 hour premiere event! They decided to go old school again with an assasination attempt on the President of some fictional country. President Allison Taylor is back and making an arrangement with him to pull back troops in that country. Jack is living pretty happily with his granddaughter, Terri, watching cartoons. When kim came to pick Terri up, her current boyfriend, or husband, is Paul Wesley, from the Vapire Diaries, I knew I saw that guy before! Well they are heading back home in Los Angeles soon, and they want Jack to come with them, because this season they are in New York City! Well he finally agreed to leave with them he was greeted by a bleeding man at the door.

Earlier we saw this man flee the scene of a crime when a body laid emotionless in a bathtub.  He learned of the assasination attempt on President Omar Hassan’s life, and just had to tell Jack Bauer so he could ruin his life once more. Jack Bauer litterally says, oh no…not again. Chill out, Jack…it’ll all be over by tomorrow, right?
So Jack’s one mission the entire first episode is to get this man to CTU New York, which proves to be more difficult than one can imagine.

When we finally get a look at CTU New York, I quietly ask myself if we’ve been sent to the future this season as their technology has been massively advanced.  We have doors that vertically open to a white space port looking room, everything is opened via hand scanners.  There’s apparently drones all over the world, whatever that means.  They are obviously cameras, but my theory is that they are really invisible robots in the sky watching our every move. There is a new director in control of everything, Brain Hastings, and my personal opinon is that he’s the worst director CTU has ever had.  Not only that, I don’t even think he’s a good actor.  He slouches every time he walks, and its a funny walk too.  Kind of like he owns the place, but doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing at the same time.

Chloe is also in New York, I wasn’t sure why at first, but it has something to do with Morris.  She seems to be having a little trouble with CTU’s sci-fi technologies, and is actually asking for help.  Finally, we have two new characters to the show, CTU analysts Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh.  Played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Katee Sackoff.  Somethings screwy out her, but I’ll get to that later.

Well the bloody guy, Victor Aruz, who showed up at Jack’s doorsteps collapsed on their way to CTU.  A random guy noticed and called 911.  Pretty soon, police showed up as well as a couple assasins to kill Aruz.  The killers killed the cops, and Jack and Aruz ran into an abandoned building.  There Jack made his first kill of the day, to which my jaw dropped.  He axed the first guy, and knocked the other one down, tumbling down the stairwell. This was added to my five top favorite Jack moments, included with it are when Jack killed the guy by biting his neck, and when he said “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.” “Drop the coffee” and finally “You probably don’t think I can force this towel down your throat, but trust me I can, all the way.” Treatening to rip out his guts once the towel started to digest…good stuff.

Finally Cole Ortiz made it to the building in a helicoptor, and got off to help Jack.  They handed Aruz to the pilot, then the chopper blew up when a missle came out of no where.  Before Aruz died, he told Jack the assasin has someone on the inside who is close to President Hassan.  Possibly a blonde woman they kept showing us throughout the episode. The clock ticks 5:00 P.M.

After the intel that Aruz gave Jack, CTU learned the “inside man” was the blonde reporter, Meredith Reed.  So Director Brian Hastings doesn’t think twice about it, and brings her in.  Forget about Chloe’s attempt to look at another angle, everybody knows you’re guilty until proven innocent, even when an actual killer is still out there. Well, when all is wrong, Jack would listen to her, but Jack doesn’t seem to care.  All he wants to do is go to LA with his daughter.  Finally, Kim tells Jack to do the right thing and stay.  Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get kidnapped again soon.

Well, Jack’s back, and because Hastings won’t listen to him, its time for him to go behind everyone’s back again.  So he goes to CTU’s armory and steals some weapons.  It wasn’t long before the security found him, and he once again arrested…or so I thought.  Hastings let him go, thinking he’s chasing after ghosts.  He let Chloe help him, seeing he’s not caring much about her anyway, because he’s a terrible director.
Well back to what I was saying before, CTU’s Dana Walsh got a call from somebody claming that she’s someone else, not Dana Walsh.  My initial thought was that she was in Witness Protection, and she’s been found, but that served to be wrong because she’s the one with the secret that could ruin her career…I just wonder what that is.

It is now 6:00 P.M.  The man we have been getting more and more info on, the man Chloe believes is the man setting up Meredith Reed takes a policeman and his wife hostage.  We find out it is because he wants the policeman to call into work sick, and that he’s having someone else take his place, him.

Jack got to the house after a run-in with some tough ball-players.  Though they backed off at the sight of Jack’s gun.  They pointed at the house, and when he got there, he realized the cop and his wife were already dead, so he inspected the scene of the crime.  The bad guy was already gone, but it wasn’t long before the police showed up, tasing Jack to the ground.  Jack wasn’t able to shout “Don’t tase me bro”
Well, it seems police officers don’t look to highly on cop killers, and they think Jack did it.  So, Jack needs to get beat up a bit, and yes, these cops are wasting time. Because the first attempt on Hassan’s life will be made within the hour.

At CTU, Dana Walshes mystery caller shows up and meets up with her.  When she went out to meet him, he refused to leave her alone.  To temporarily get rid of him, she gave him her apartment key.  When she asked if he needed her address, he said “I already got it.”  Creepy.  Maybe giving him your key wasn’t the smartest idea.

In the space-station’s interogation room, Merideth Reed was being questioned about the whole Hassan thing.  It doesn’t take her long to crack, and tell him that they are having an affair.  Later, when asked about it, Hassan confirmed the relationship, but Hastings isn’t convinced she’s innocent quite yet. Because he’s a terrible director.
So if Merideth Reed isn’t the “inside man” who is? You might ask.  Well we find out that it is none other than Hassan’s brother.  Well the encrypted file they found on Merideth’s affects showed the location of a bomb at the U.N. Ortiz is skepticle that there’s actually a bomb in the highly secure building, but bad director Hastings tells him to evacuate now, leading the President right into the hands of the bad men.

After Jack finally gets free from the cops grasps, he’s able to contact Ortiz, saying that there is an assassin there, potraying a police officer, and he’s going to try to kill the President.  Cole Ortiz takes Jack’s info, and he charges after the President to save his life, he pulls his car around and blocks the President’s car off just in time for the bomb to go off, blowing both cars in opposite directions….tick…tick…tick.

Thank goodness both men were fine.  Heck Tony and Michelle weren’t even in the car when it blew up and killed her, but Ortiz was absolutely fine.  He was able to get Hassan out of his vehicle just in time to see the assassin flee the scene. Time to play cat and mouse. Hassan’s brother also freaks out, stabbing the first security officer he sees, and running.  Of course Hassan learns of this, and is not very happy of his brothers betrayal.

Well the assassin makes the drop on Ortiz, and orders him to pull CTU off his back, but Ortiz surprisingly does the right thing and risks his own life, telling them he’s there.  Before the assassin pops Ortiz, Jack saves the day…or hour rather, and shoots the assassin.  That’s when we first see the tattoos. Jack takes some pictures with his SPRINT phone, I think we get the idea, Fox.

The tattoos proved to be part of the Russian Maffia.  Thankfully for CTU, they know someone who was undercover with the Russian Mob, none other than Renee Walker! Yes, I knew after last season they couldn’t just kick her off the show, she was too good…she’s back, and I can’t wait. So they are bringing her in, to debrief her…

We soon learn from the assassin’s body that it was exposed to some kind of weaponized version of uranium.  Great…another virus?  Who knows, one can only guess. Well when Renee flew in rather quickly, Hastings makes another stupid decision and asks her to go back undercover to find this uranium.  She says okay, but something seems off with her.

Jack confronted her and told her he was worried about her, she has cuts on her wrists after apparently trying to commit suicide. He said going undercover may not be the best decision right now.  Well she told him it was her decision, not his.  So he decided to go with her. She didn’t like having a babysitter. He was to play the buyer.

Everything seems to go well.  Renee bounced back into her cover, and everything seems to go alright, until she cuts the guys hand off! Jack wants to end the whole cover but she told him she’s just getting started.  Wow, Renee is crazy this season! I wonder, not for the first time, if Renee will take Jack’s place as the lead in 24 if Jack finally get’s a day off. Only time will tell.  This season seems to be promising, and I can’t wait for the next episode.


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