SUPERNATURAL: S05E02 – Good God Y’all | Recap

Leave it up to me to get this recap out late.  Most likely this is going to be a shorter recap, because usually I write the recap as I watch the show, but not this time, this is all coming from my head.

Well basically, it seems we have been introduced to another overall arc this season.  The main one being Dean trying to find out a way to destroy Satan, while the world falls apart.  The second one being, God is not in heaven, so Castiel must find him somewhere on this earth.

Dean and Sam once again visit Bobby in the hospital.  While they are there, Dean took the initiative to get an x-ray and saw the Nokian signal Castiel branded on their ribs.  When Castiel showed up after calling Dean’s cell phone, he told them that because they are hidden from all angels, he couldn’t locate them.  Bobby told Castiel to heal him, but Castiel said he doesn’t have all of heaven’s power anymore, only some of it, so healing is something he is unable to do. Bobby gets mad.  Then Bobby gets a phone call from an old Hunting buddy saying an entire town has been taken down by demons.  So Sam and Dean get sent to the town.

At the town, Sam and Dean run into their old hunting buddies from the hunters bar, and she has been housing survivors of the town who hadn’t turned yet, so the boys decide to armor up, and teach the town Rifle’s 101.  At the store, Sam is attacked by two teenage demons, and quickly slit their throats.  For a moment, he stood there, staring at the blood.  Later we understand that he wants to be strong again.

They find the demon’s headquarters in a house.  And here’s where it gets interesting.  They take Sam hostage, and try to get the demon out of him, and are baffled at why he has black eyes, but won’t get hurt when they pour holy water all over his body, and salt down his throat.  Apparently, there are no demons in the town whatsoever, but somebody is doing this TO them.

Dean found out that because someone saw a large shooting star the other night, Dean of all people remembered a verse from Revelations that said “and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place” It was worded differently in the show, but it was referring to ONE of the four horsemen. Apparently one of the four horsemen rode a red charriot, and Dean took that as a red car.  He found out that the horsemen was getting his power from a ring.

Dean took down the demon house, assuring everyone that they weren’t demons that they are hallucinating. Sam and Dean then took down the horsemen, and the war ended.  Good going, boys.


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