SUPERNATURAL: 5×01 – Sympathy For The Devil | Recap


We left our favorite brothers off last season having frightful faces on as the Devil was making his way to our friendly planet.  Well Dean and Sam decide to run finally, and strangely end up on a plane over the city.  Now at first you would think it’s the angels saving them again, but they kind of make points here and there that it’s the devil saving them for some reason.  So the plane makes a crash landing, and the brothers once again head to a nice little hotel.

This is when we meet our vessel for the Devil. It is the actor who played Jacob on LOST, and his character in this is Nick.  Well…he isn’t transformed into the devil quite yet.  He just starts having some strange things happen around his house.  First, he woke up with blood soaked sheets, but when he took a second look at his bed, clean.  When he got back into bed, his dead wife with scratches all over her face introduced herself to him, but once again, he closed his eyes, and the vision disappeared.

At the hotel, Sam and Dean get a visit from their number one fan from the prophet guy’s books. She had a message from him saying he had a vision of Michael’s Sword, and to find it at a castle of 42 dogs. Bobby shows up and tries to help Sam and Dean figure out what to do next, but Sam comes clean and tells him everything is his fault.  This pisses Bobby off, and told him to get lost, and if they pull it off somehow, he wants Sam to forget his number. Dean found some more items from his dad at a hotel called Castle Storage this ends up with him finding out that it wasn’t a castle of 42 dogs it was something that sounded like it, and after Bobby hears this, he knocks dean unconscious, cause he’s now a demon.

After commercial break, we see Bobby has a few demon partners with him, and Dean thought it was Ruby, but it wasn’t Ruby, it was the other Demon we met a long time ago, remember Megan? But when she told Bobby to kill Dean, somehow, Bobby was strong enough to knock himself out of it, and stab himself, killing the demon inside of him. Sam showed up, and couldn’t stop Megan, cause he had no more supernatural powers.

Back to Nick’s story line, he still is normal, but weird things are happening to him.  First the bloody sheets and dead woman, then the sounds of baby tears, as well as blood pouring out the bottom of a baby bassinet. Unsettling.

Dean and Sam leave Bobby at the hospital, and head to Castle Storage to stop Megan from getting the Michael Sword. When they arrived, there were dead demons and the angels showed up and said they planted that evidence in the prophets head, and told Dean he was the Michael Sword.

After commercial break, the angels told him he is THE vessel, Michael’s vessel, and thats the only way he will stop Lucifer. Dean realized they were only there because they need his consent, when he said no, the angels blackmailed him with hurting Bobby, when he didn’t consent, they gave him stomach cancer, and Dean still didn’t budge, so they collapsed Sam’s lungs.

That is when Castiel showed up and did some major angel butt whooping. He freaked the angel out, and fixed the brothers temporarily.  He gave them a symbol carved into their ribs that hides them from angels, including Lucifer…that’s convenient.

Back to Nick’s story.  He dreamed that his dead wife showed up and said she was an angel named Lucifer. He made a crack of that, and then Lucifer told him that he was going to be his vessel. Like the devil would, he made himself look like a human being that needs sympathy, and that God has been over-hyped, and is actually pretty cruel. He did a great job at convincing Nick that he is a good guy, and because of his terrible past, he said yes. Then the bright lights showed up. Cause everybody knows possession means bright lights

We return from the commercial break with Bobby at the hospital. They are all confused on what to do.  Bobby suggests just saving as many people as they can, and figure out the rest from there.  Dean’s all like, lets kill the Devil and Michael and whoever else they need to.  Before they left, Bobby stopped Sam, and apologized what he said earlier, and that it was the demon…very heartfelt. Outside, when Sam suggested going after the Colt, Dean said everything he said back there was for Bobby’s benefit.  He will fight, but he has to be honest with himself, there’s no way he’s going to defeat Satan. We have a Winchester moment next with Dean being dissaproving of his brother, as always.  Saying “We can never be what we were” and “I just don’t think I can trust you” before walking off and ending the episode.


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