Monk & Psych…are you ready?


After a long hot and humid Summer, I’m about ready to start watching TV again.  What else to better start the new premiere season with than Monk and Psych, the world’s favorite detectives?

This friday, the final season of Monk is back and better than ever as several well-known guest stars line up to bid Monk his farewell.  Some of the names you may recognize, such as Jay Mohr.  If you don’t like small spoilers, this may ruin things for you so skip ahead to the next paragraph…but another guest appearance will be held by none other than Monk’s first nurse Sharona! That I cannot wait for.

Psych will also be returing, and thankfully is not in it’s final season.  I have really enjoyed Psych up to this point, regardless of the fact that last season focused a lot on the drama.  Drama can be good as well, so kudos to the Psych writers.  Last season it ended with Jules and Shawn almost getting together, until he turned her down to date the other girl…that had me cringing, but as hard as it is to say, I really think that’s good writing.  Think about it…they get together…and then what? No more romantic tension between the two that we have all grown to love.

Everyone tune into USA Network tomorrow and be sure to pop some popcorn! This is going to be great, peace out!


One thought on “Monk & Psych…are you ready?”

  1. hi!
    just to ask you where i could be able to watch the last season oh MONK on streaming cause I don’t live in America and I don’t have USA tv…


    PS: was the 8th MONK’s season exiting?? (can’t wait to see it!)

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