Boy Meets Girl – Season in Review


I haven’t seen a ton of British comedy films or television shows, but overal when I watch them, I’m pretty impressed. I just watched the entire first season of “Boy Meets Girl this afternoon, and thats not very impressive, seeing that the entire season is made up of four episodes.

Though I have to say I was pretty impressed that I enjoyed it so much.  Boy Meets Girl is a British comedy/drama about a man who gets electrocuted, and wakes up in a woman’s body.

Now I’ve seen several of these “Freaky Friday” scenario films and TV shows, and its all pretty much the same thing. Though this is a little different.  You see whenever they have a show about transferance, its usually the same gender switching bodys.  In “Boy Meets Girl”, the Man switches bodies with a woman.

The main character’s name is Danny Reed.  I would have to say the whole show is centered around his character.  Sure they show a lot of the other character, but I’d have to say it’s mostly about Danny.  As a woman, he had to pass off as her, or else she’d be sent away, to a mental hospital.  Which became seemingly hard, since the woman’s body he was living in had a boyfriend. Let your mind wander on that a bit.

I really wish they made more than four episodes, because I really got into it as the day went by. In the end, it felt like a mini-series.  I have little hope that they’ll continue the series.  I would be up for watching more, I just doubt that it will continue.


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