24: S07E23: 6:00-7:00 Recap


This recap is written in real time…

Last week, 24 was brought back to the good old days of season 1. Thanks to Kim’s terrible luck, she was kidnapped again. Rather she had some very bad people keeping an eye on her. This fact lured Jack into doing whatever they want.

This episode started off with a debriefing. Olivia Taylor was being questioned about Hodges death. It was only a formality, they had to question everyone who knew about his whereabouts. Meanwhile her mother, President Taylor was busy in a meeting. She was laying down her concerns about everyone else who was involved in the creation of the bio-weapon. They needed to question Tony more to find out who all was in that group.

At the airport, Kim noticed a scratch on Bob’s neck from his fight earlier. His “wife” covered for him, saying it was from the cab’s door. Apparently it hit him on the way out.

While in the transport vehicle with Tony, Jack commandeered the vehicle, threatening to kill a fellow officer. Probably not the best move in the world, but it keeps my interest. After he took control of the vehicle, he explained that they had his daughter. When they got to the meeting spot, Tony grabbed Jack. Tony’s “girlfriend” told him to kill Jack, but Tony explain Jack had the pathogen in his system, that they should try to extract it from him.

At the White House, Ethan arrived, and Aaron greeted him. He told them the reason he had him come over, was because he believed Olivia was somehow involved in Hodges death. He needed him to access a digital recording in the room where Olivia met with Martin Collier. Ethan understood, and accessed the recording.

After her debriefing at the top of the hour, Olivia walked into her office and found Ethan, trying to cover his footsteps. In only a few minutes, she figured out what he was up to, and ordered security to stop Ethan while leaving the white house.

Renee called Chloe at FBI Headquarters, and explained the situation. She told Chloe to call the agent at Kim’s Gate at the airport. After being called to the front, Kim got the call from Renee, and she told her that people were following her. She knew almost immediately it was the couple who’s been talking to her. When Bob came around asking if she needed help, she covered herself by saying it was airport security. Her ruse worked for a minute or two before Bob noticed airport police looking for them, that’s when all the excitement happened. Kim stole a pen earlier from the desk, and stabbed the woman holding her hostage. She was free, but the man continued to escape.

At 6:32, Olivia spoke to Ethan, currently being detained. She asked for the digital recording. When he said no, she had an agent search his suitcase and pockets, finding the recording. After she recollected the recording, she broke it. Thankfully, Ethan was paranoid, and kept the actual recording.

Meanwhile, Jack was brought to Dr. Frankenstein. A small lighted operating room in the middle of a huge warehouse. He was forced onto an operation table, and was injected by something, most likely a mild sedative. After gathering a large needle, they started extracting spinal fluid from Jack, leaving him screaming.

A few minutes later, Renee and her team arrived at the airport. Kim was missing. Apparently, she was following Bob while he was attempting to escape. Looks like she’s got a bit of her father in her. She decided to stop following him, and report her findings to the nearest security guard. From him, she was able to call Renee. She told her the location. Bob showed up again, trying to run her down. The security guard noticed in time to shoot him, his car crashed and started burning. Kim ran to the car, and grabbed the laptop. Bob grabbed her, but she got out in time, her arm on fire. Despite the obvious thing to do, she did not stop drop and roll. She just discarded her jacket. Thankfully she got the laptop, and handed it to Renee when she arrived. The laptop was sending a signal to Jacks location.

Meanwhile, Ethan listened to the stolen digital recording incriminating Olivia.

At Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, the doctor said Jack probably only had 2 hours left…which means he can’t die at the end of this season. Which means a cliffhanger. When the doctors set Jack free, they did not anticipate him being awake. So the second he was free, he single-handedly took down all the doctors. His back was probably feeling like crap at that second, but he escaped, Tony not too far behind.


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