Prison Break – Mother Lode Recap

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Well, it has been several weeks, even months since Prison Break went on hiatus, too long if you ask me, but it is back and better than ever. There are only five episodes left in the series.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Lincoln finding an envelope at the doorstep. Inside were photos of their loved ones. This was a desperate threat by the General to speed them on their way retrieving Scylla. Meanwhile, Michael and Sara are somewhere in Arizona. Michael is still upset with Lincoln for taking a deal with the company, but Sara reassured him it was only to save his life. Out of nowhere, Michael and Sara are shot at. So obviously, they bolted, leaving their car behind.
Next we have Michael and Lincoln’s mother looking very creepy, trying to be evil. She wants her boys to understand what she’s trying to do. Maybe try to stop being evil, and they might listen to you.

Lincoln then got a call from Michael, they have a bit of an argument, and then Michael told him about how their mother was alive. So Michael and Sara made a deal with a truck driver to drive them to their next location, Miami, but the truck wouldn’t stop for the next 8 hours…what if they needed to use the bathroom?

Lincoln and Mahone tracked one of the chips to a house, to which they sneaked into, guns raised. The house was empty, but it had a nice picture of Lincoln’s mom. T-Bag and Self track one of the chips to another location. Apparently T-Bag’s soul is black, I would have never guessed. In the church, Mahone and the boys found out that the church was holding several semi-automatic weapons.

Back on the truck, Michael reminisced memories of his mother and the Millennium Falcon with Sara. Then the truck was pulled over by a police car. We learn that this “cop” was really another company killer. He killed the driver, and took off in the truck. Looks like Michael’s going to have to escape again.

Also on the road is the General in his limo speaking to a someone, which is when the man he was speaking to stopped the car, along with the driver, leaving the General stuck. Needless to say the General got a hold of his keys and started tearing at his seat belt, and then his limo exploded! Did his Macguiver maneuver work? Of course it did.

Lincoln met up with his mother, as expected, he got upset with her on the fact that she works for the same company that has been trying to kill them ever since the first season. But she said that in two days she can give him and Michael their lives back.

When we got back to Michael’s story, he has been busy setting up some neat Macguiver tricks and blew himself out of the truck. Then Sara and Michael ran for their lives. They found an abandoned warehouse to hide from the assassin. Michael came up from behind the man, and knocked him down. Though he was able to say he wasn’t working for the general…dun dun dun!

Then at the very last moments of this week’s episode, Lincoln went back to see his mother, which she strictly told him not to. So a sniper was set to shoot him. She gave the order, and then just about when his head would be blown away, the episode ended. What a cliffhanger!


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