AMERICAN IDOL – Top 13 Perform


Tonight on American Idol, the first Top 13 ever will be singing songs from the one and only Michael Jackson.  Now I love Wacko Jacko as much as the next fella, but whenever I’ve seen an idol attempt to sing one of his songs…well lets just say it’s rare for the song to do very well.  Last year, David Cook did Billy Jean in his own style, and that was very good, but no matter how much they change it up, it’s still not Michael Jackson.  For me it may be very difficult to give them a perfect score, but I’ll keep an open mind.

lil-roundsUp first was Lil Rounds with “The Way You Make Me Feel”  Randy said right off the bat that he loved how she made it sound like a new song again.  Kara said she wants to hear Lil on the radio someday.  Paula said miss Rounds is a force to be reckonned with.  Simon thought it was good, but it was a lazy song choice.  For me I thought it was sung great as well, but I agree with Simon, it was a lazy song choice, I gave it 4 out of 5.

Scott scott-macintyreMcIntire was up next with “Keep the Faith.” Kara was glad they got to see him on the piano, and she is glad that he is still true to himself.  Paula said it was magical and beautiful. Simon hated the song, because nobody knows that song. Randy thought the performance was good, but felt too safe.  It never stops astonishing me how a blind man can play the piano so well, and learning a song in only a week.  For me I have to study the keys for days before I can get anywhere close to memorizing everything.  Sure, it’s about feeling the music, and you can totally tell how much Scott felt the song tonight. Though Simon was right, I didn’t know the song, but it wasn’t terrible, just didn’t care for it much. 3/5

Danny GokeyThird up tonigh is my personal favorite, Danny Gokey singing “PYT.” Paula said she thinks he is on his way to the finals.  Simon said three contestants in and he already won, also saying the vocals were brilliant. Randy loved everything. Another MJ song I haven’t heard, or rather haven’t heard a lot of.  When I think of Danny, I think of a guy that sings more calm songs, so for me it was a little weird to hear him jam it up.  He did a good job though, 4/5

Michael Michael SarverSarver sang “You Are Not Alone.” Randy said right now, Michael is definitly  one of the best performers.  Kara said tonight, he proved that he can sing. This song is one of my favorites, and I’m glad Michael sang this.  He’s no Michael, well he is…but not Michael Jackson, but he did a great job. 5/5

jasmine-murrayNext up was Jasmine Murray with “I’ll Be There.” Randy said he was impressed and surprised.  Kara thought a half key down would have been better, but she sold it anyway.  Paula said she had some bright moments, but some other moments where she was under.  Simon said it was a good attempt, but a little bit robotic. I thought it was another good song, but again a 4/5.

Kris Allkris-allenen took the stage next singing “Remember the Time.” Kara was happy to see Kris with his guitar, Paula said nobody knows Michael’s catalog more than him while Simon undressed her. Simon said it was interesting.  Randy said he loved it, and that it was interesting.  I personally enjoyed it a lot, most likely because I remember the music video Michael did to it with the whole egyptian look, very nice, 4/5.

allison-irahetaAllison Iraheta was next in line performing “Give In To Me.” Because Allison is only 16, Paula thought the performance was mind boggling.  Simon said it was a good performance and they know who she is. Randy said he always says that if they got it, then they always got it.  Kara said Allison is known as the rocker and its astonishing.  I thought it was done really well, even though I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard that song before. 5/5  

AAnoop Desainoooooop Desai was up next singing “Beat It.” Paula said that song was untouchable.  Simon said it was horrible, there was no aggresion. Randy said for him, it was just the wrong song choice, it was only karaoke, and he knows Anoop has more than that.  Kara felt disconnected to him for the first time. Obviously the song is very famous, very popular, and in a lot of reasons it is an untouchable song.  I don’t think it was terrible, I certainly had fun listening to it.  3.5/5

Jorjorge-nunez-ige Nunez sang “Never Can Say Goodbye,” from the Jackson 5. Randy said it wasn’t the song he would have chosen for him, but he did a nice job. Kara said he is one of the most emotional contestants on the show, and would have liked a more emotional song.  Paula said it wasn’t the right song choice.  Simon said it was corny and awful, and found wanting the song to end.  Yeah…the song kind of sucked. 2/5

Megmeghan-corkreyan Cockery sang another Jackson 5 song, “Rockin’ Robin.” Kara said she has a way of putting her signature on anything she does.  Paula says she loves the corkey and unique tone in her voice. Simon said it was a stupid song choice, the vocals and dancing were bad. Randy said the song choice didn’t allow her to be ‘Megan’.  I didn’t hate it, I thought it was fun to listen to, but in the long run, the question is if I want her to be my American Idol? I don’t know if that song would help her win, so 3.5/5 again.

adam-lambert1Adam Lambert sang “Black and White.” It is clear during this performance that Adam is Paula’s favorite. Paula has never seen anyone on the history of American Idol be so confortable on the stage. Simon said that was totally in a different league than anything they’ve ever seen. Randy said since day one, he has been current, and he loves it. Kara said Adam hit some notes she didn’t even knew existed.  What can I say? Adam sure has a high pitch voice doesn’t he? Anyways, a very good performance, 5/5 all the way.

matt-giraudMatt Giraud was 12th to sing, with “Human Nature.” Randy said it was a very good performance.  Kara said he was a talented guy, and wants to see him for many more weeks.  Paula said she was blown away.  Simon said it was like meat and potatoes.  I don’t know…I wasn’t a fan.  First of all I didn’t know the song, second of all, it sounded copycat to me towards the end, he sounded too much like Michael Jackson with all of the high pitch stuff.  I have to just give it 3/5.

The 1Alexis Grace3th and final performance tonight was done by Alexis Grace singing “Dirty Diana.” Unfortunetly I missed what the judges said about the performance, but I am pretty sure that they loved it.  So did I 5/5.


So here’s my predictions.  There are two people leaving us tomorrow night, my guess that its one boy and one girl, so the guy, I believe will be Jorge unfortunetly, and the girl – Megan Cockery.  We’ll see how my predictions do tomorrow night. Peace out.



2 thoughts on “AMERICAN IDOL – Top 13 Perform”

  1. OMG i have always loved kirs allen and when he won i went screamin through my house like i told you so b/c i was the only one in my house that wanted kris to win i have always loved him since i seen him at the very beginning. he is a sexy beast my aunt dvr’ed the performances and every time i come over i go straight to the tv and turn on heartless its my absolute favorite song he song and i loved it when he sung thatr song that cara wrote i thought it fit his voice perfectly and i didnt think it was to high at all!!!!!!!!

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