AMERICAN IDOL: Top 36 – Group 1 Elimination

Top 36

Tonight, they are eliminating nine, count them, NINE contestants.  It isn’t my place to say if that was a smart decision or not, seeing the fact that almost all 12 have more potential then they have shown, though it was certainly a risk. There are several people I don’t want to see gone, but this is life.

After the judges and contestant’s introductions, we were shown a brief recap video which really just felt like filler, than of course all 12 idols sang a group song, maybe you’ve heard of it? “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I thought it was very entertaining, and got me in the mood for the rest of the episode.

After commercial break, Ryan annoyed us with last night’s episode recap. After this recap, he had a chat with the contestants.  At this point I am still awaiting the results.  Finally, here we go with the results.

First, Ryan pulled up Casey Carlson, she sang “Every Little She Does is Magic,” After telling her she basically sucked last night, she was kicked off.

Next up was Stephen Fowler who sang “Rock With You,” Because he chose the wrong song choice, he was also booted.

Alexis Grace took the stage next.  “I Never Loved A Man” was the song she sang, Alexis made it to the Top 12, and got to sit in one of the three chairs.  One down, two to go.  She even got to sing a victory song.

Ricky Braddy and Jackie Tohn than took the stage together. Ricky sang “A Song For You” While Jackie sang “A Little Less Conversation.” Ricky was booted off first, then Jackie followed closely behind.

Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver shared the stage next.  Anoop sang “Angel of Mine,” while Michael sang “I Don’t Wanna Be.” Michael went through while Anoop then was sent home.  I was all but positive Michael was going to get through. 2 out of the 3 stools are now occupied, my guess? Danny has to be the final man that gets the seat.  I’d be pretty angry if Tatiana got it over him.

We then got a special treat as two former contestants from last year made a guest appearance and sang. It was Michael Johns and Carly Smithson.  Now I understood that these two were pretty popular last season, but my opinions on them? Well let’s just say I understand why they got kicked off.  I never really liked Michael.  I always thought he was pretty annoying the way he performed.  I did, however like Carly, but I always knew she was never good enough to win.

Ann Marie Boskavich
stood in her seat after the commercial.  She sang “Natural Woman.”  Brent Keith stood up next, he sang “Hicktown” Stevie Wright then stood, she sang “You Belong With Me” last week.  Though none of them went through.

The two remaining contestants, as expected were Danny Gokey and Tatiana Del Toro.  I feared this would happen, but it did.  They were both good, but come on, Tatiana is a pain in the butt.  Yet somehow, there is ten minutes left in this episode.

With only five minutes remaining, the show returned from commercial to decide the fate of Danny and Tatiana.  Who’s going through to the top 12? DANNY! Cry all you want Tatiana, you shall annoy me no more! Congratulations, Danny, you did a great job last week, and I look forward to hearing more from you!

The 3 people going through tonight are DANNY, MICHAEL, AND ALEXIS!

Danny GokeyMichael SarverAlexis Grace


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