24: 7.01/02 – 8:00-10:00 – Quick Review

It has almost been two years since 24 last aired.  Thanks to that pesky writer’s strike, the producer’s of 24 thought it was necessary to wait a full year to start the new season.  Why? Well because it is important for 24 to have every action filled episode. Well season seven is finally here, but before I give you all a recap, I have to warn you that the season opener wasn’t as good as any of the previous season openers in my opinion.

Maybe it is just because CTU is no more, maybe its because its more ‘realistic’ time wise…I don’t know, all I know is that I almost fell asleep at parts, and that is not cool when I’m watching 24.


So we started off with a car accident.  Some men in masks kidnapped a man driving his daughter to school.  The man orchestrating the whole thing was obviously Tony Almeida because of his “whatever voice.”

Jack Bauer was currently at a court hearing about his questionable means of justice.  Though Jack made an amazing argument, because, well, that’s just what he does.  He is awesome. Then an FBI agent, Rennee Walker removed him from the hearing because she needed his help.

She brought him to FBI headquarters, and told him Tony Almedia is alive and kicking, and is orchestrating a terrorist orginization.  Jack doesn’t believe it, but Agent Walker gets him to help.

The reason Tony kidnapped the father from the beginning, is because the man is a genious at making devices.  The man made Tony a device that intercepted air control for commercial flights.

Jack decided their first move is to get in contact with a man we’ve never seen before.  Some guy that Jack and Tony used to get information from.  When they got there, he was about to spill everything when one of Tony’s evil henchmen shot him dead from the roof of another building.  This told Jack that there was a mole working inside the FBI.  They locked the building down to find the shooter. Meanwhile, Tony called Jack to tell him to back off.



So if I didn’t explain this earlier…Tony took control of a plane at the end of the last episode… Now traffic control is freaking out to why its happening, so they called FBI, bla bla bla.

Basically, Tony had the plane land on a different runway, one that was intersecting a separate runway, to which another plane was landing.  He was showing traffic control what he was capable of.  He just about made the planes crash, then saved the day, saying it was only a demonstration.

The sniper from the last episode called Tony up, telling him he is stuck in the building.  So later in the episode Tony had his mole from the FBI sneak him out.  Though Jack is amazing, so he spotted it right off the bat, and he and Agent Walker secretly walked away from the location to follow him.

Meanwhile, we see that Tony has been working for one of the bad guys from 24: Redemption…We don’t know too much about that yet.

So the sniper arrived at Tony’s location, Bauer and Walker were close behind. But he heard them coming, but it was too late, Jack did a little beating and it was time to find Tony. There was a little fight, but needless to say, Jack found him in the second episode, asking him what happened to him.

So there is a separate White House storyline that I honestly don’t care for.  It has something to do with the continuation of the 24: Redemption movie…which I didn’t care for either.  Also, the President’s son was killed, said to be a suicide, but the President’s husband doesn’t believe it, so he’s been investigating a little…I just think that whole storyline is a bore, so I won’t talk a whole lot about it unless something really important happens.


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