Ghost Whisperer: 4.11 – Life on the Line Recap

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So the year has only begun, and what better way to start it, but with brand new episodes of television shows. Ghost Whisperer was on tonight, as well as other shows such as Monk and Psyche, and much more.  I’m just going to take a moment and talk about Ghost Whisperer.

It started off with a recap, yes the same recap we have been seeing week after week.  Oh no, Jim’s dead, hops into another man’s body, oooh romance…lalala.  Anyways, if killing Jim off wasn’t a big enough jump, keeping him alive as somebody else, was about the dumbest thing they could do. Okay, sorry about the rambling. ON WITH THE REVIEW –

So this episode really started off focused on Delia and her son, Ned, who somewhere last season grew ten years older in a split second… Anyways, she and her son were cleaning out a house, making it look all spick and spam for potential buyers. Now because Delia is working hard, she has to leave, to pick up Melinda and show her the cool place.  While she is gone, she ordered Ned to mow the lawn (Which looked perfectly fine, by the way.)

So Delia leaves, and Ned goes to the shed out back to get the lawn mower, and creepyness ensues.  There is a very upset ghost boy glaring at him.  As we’ve seen from previous episodes, Hell Hath No Fury like a Spirt Scorned.  We know something bad will happen.

The very next scene, we cut to 911 emergency, where a caller called in about a boy that just got badly injured by a lawn mower.  Oh no, NED! Is what viewers are expected to think, I personally was laughing.  Alas, the call wasn’t made for Ned, or by Ned.  Apparently it was a ghost call, cause when Melinda and Delia showed up, the cops explained the situation, and the girls immediatley ran past the cops, funny how no one even attempted to stop them. In the backyard, Ned was fine, and Melinda saw the injured ghost.


Back at home, Melinda googled the house, and found the boy who died. Delia, being the evil unneccesary character on the show, ordered Melinda to shoe the ghost off the premesis.  Actually, you want to talk an unneccesary role, lets talk Eli…no no lets not *shudders*. So once again the show got pulled into the soap opera that is Melinda’s life.  Jim/Sam is still trying to find out who he was engaged to, and Melinda’s all “HE’S MINE”, though in all reality, girl, he’s dead.  You are the one that needs to move on.

After a few minutes of the annoying yap yap yap yap of Jim and Melinda, we’re back to business. So 911 got yet another telephone call from the same guy, saying the same thing as the day before…kind of like a recording, but I guess that’s impossible. It’s time for Melinda to investigate…*sighs* I can already see the crying in the end scene. The ghost led her to his shed, and she attempted to explain to him that he’s dead and should leave but that was a no go.  He told her that his family “are running away, but they can’t escape.”


Melinda went to the previous owners of the home, saying she was working with Delia, but in all reality, she wanted the woman to spill.  She handed her an urn-shaped thing, and the woman thwarted her attention away from Melinda, and tossed her out (after some tears). She did happen to blaim Doug, her husband for the death of the boy.

On to a random scene with Ned helping Jim out on finding his password out at the library, with a little hacking skills. In his email, he found out the girl he bought the ring for was a girl named “Nicole.”

At the house, Melinda met with Doug, and he didn’t seem that bad of a guy.  He liked the house, he missed his family.  He told how his son was killed, he drove the lawn mower with his son for fun, and like a scene from an action film, the mower flew in the air, did some twirls, and the boy DIED…well not quite, but kind of… In the house, they got a ton of the ghostly 911 calls. After that, the paramedics had to come, because some more strange things happened.  For instance, apparently a ghost can write “HELP ME” in the grass with his mind… My money are on the aliens…like the crop circles you know?


After commercial break, we have ELI, freaking A….I can’t help but hate his character.  We already have a character that can speak to the dead, why have another that can only hear them?  Of course, his shrink skills got him to say, “Maybe he’s asking for something.”  But seriously, if this was a previous season, she would have figured that out herself.

At the police station, the cop/paramedic, whatever he was, was playing the 911 calls for Melinda, as if she hadn’t heard them before.  Though he did play a different tape that only shouted NO NO NO, which intrigued Melinda. Meanwhile, Delia was at the house on a dark stormy night.

I actually enjoyed this part, and I’ll tell you why.  For me, it seems like this was the only truly creepy part of this entire season so far.  She walks in, pretty scared, which in turn, got me wondering, okay okay, this might be good.  Then she saw somebody come up in the shadows, and now it is creepy, because she CAN’T see ghosts.  Then it tackled her down. A few minutes later, we find it is the dead boy’s brother.

Then Jim is getting some advice from Eli..who cares. 

So what do we learn? From that first phone call to 911, we hear the dad running towards the phone shouting NO, which means he wasn’t the one who called…it was his first son.  Which meant…he was covering for Kevin…Kevin was riding on the lawn mower with his brother. This led him to the top of his house, where he jumped, attempting suicide. Jim was there to help, and yes he used his doctor skills! I have to admit, that gave me some yay butterflies…but than I remembered how his whole storyline jumped the shark.

Time to go crazy, Melinda, and tell the family you see dead people.  Of course they believe her, and cry, and the boy walks into the light, the end. PEACE OUT


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