PRISON BREAK: 4.14 – Just Business – Recap

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I cannot believe how far we’ve gotten in Prison Break.  Already, we have gotten to the 14th episode.  Which means there are only 8 episodes left.  Personally, I hope that this is not the end of Prison Break, as much as I think they can end it perfectly this year, I’m starting to fear life without Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.  Life just wouldn’t be complete, well there is LOST and 24, which will help.  Alright, on to tonights recap…

Previously on Prison Break, we learned of Don Self’s betrayal to the team.  Which was quite surprising, because I was actually rooting for him. Don just isn’t appealing when he’s evil. Well, this episode starts off much like the end of last week’s episode.  Michael and Self spoke once more on the phone. Again, Michael refused to give up the final piece of Scylla, so obviously getting annoyed, Self attempted to gas them out.  However, since Lincoln was already outside, he was able to locate Don, and bring him into the warehouse at gunpoint.

In the warehouse, Don tried to cover his own skin by saying it was never personal.  He explained that he was trying to sell Scylla to a buyer that also wants to see the Company burn, and is willing to pay 9 figures for Scylla.  Michael said he’d think about it, and let Don and Gretchen leave.  Outside, Sucre secretly hid in the back of Gretchens car, to eavesdrop for the brothers.  When the two got in the car, we see that they planted a unrealistic device in the warehouse to see everything that was happening inside.

After the car stopped, Don popped the trunk to grab Scylla, and left.  Secretly, Sucre was so deep in the trunk that he was unseen.  My question was why didn’t Sucre just grab Scylla then, while he was in the trunk? Anyways, he got out, and noticed they stopped at a motel, so he called everyone. In the motel, while watching the monitors, Don found the spot where Michael was hiding the chip.

At Rita’s house, a bible salesman came to the door, and right off the bat, T-Bag thought he was Company, so he knocked him out.  Even though T-Bag was convinced, the so called “Company” agent was pretty convincing in playing a bible salesman.  Everything about him seemed legit, his wallet was filled with christian cards, he had a military ring that he swore was from his dead son, he even finished a verse T-Bag began reciting, but in the end, he was an agent of the Company.  He fooled T-Bag into believing him, which was a tough task, but in the end, Bagwell was down.

At a diner, Mahone met up with his former collegues to discuss Scylla.  He met up with Agent Wheeler from the second season. Wheeler wants proof against the company, so if everything went well in tonights episode, Mahone had nothing to worry about.

Cue tonights plan, it was a last minute plan, but still pretty smart.  Sucre and Sara got to the hotel and figured out which room Gretchen and Self were in.  When the manager called to warn them, Gretchen left the room, only to be attacked by Sucre.  Outside, Lincoln shot a gas canaster into Self’s room, forcing him to leave.  He decided to go through the fire escape, which collapsed (thanks to Michael.) Michael grabbed Scylla and left.  Though it wasn’t long before Michael started having symptoms again, and fainted.  Don found Michael right away, and stole back Scylla, and headed towards the warehouse.  Michael was then abducted by the company.  

At the warehouse, Don quickly found the final piece of Scylla, and was off to sell it.  Meanwhile, Michael was being treated by some doctors, we later see the General was there every second, making sure everything is going as planned.  Finally, Self handed Scylla to Vican.  Once he was satisfied, Self shot Vican, out of greed. He wanted more money.  At the Diner, Wheeler said the Attourney General is willing to hear him out, but in reality, he was being arrested.

Lincoln showed up at Company headquarters to see Michael.  The General took him to see his brother, and offered him what looked like a job in order to save Michael’s life.  After a moment of thinking, it seems Lincoln is concidering it…anything to help out Michael…even if it means joining the very corporation he set out to destroy?  Very cool episode this week, I cannot wait for the next episode!


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