PRISON BREAK: 4.13 – Deal or No Deal – Recap

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I’m sorry I haven’t written any recaps in a while.  The past week has been hectic, because I was in the process of moving.  Today was actually my second day in the new apartment, and I am up to speed on Prison Break, and here is the review.

Last week on Prison Break, the boys outsmarted the General, and got a hold of Scylla.  What they didn’t know was Don Self was actually evil the entire time, plotting against them.  Oh how I love the plot twists in this show.  In tonight’s episode, the gang was still upset about Don’s betrayal, and were trying to think of a way to get out of their predicament.  

To cover his own skin, Self called his boss up, and told him he was shot by the brothers.  Seriously, who wouldn’t believe a government agent over a bunch of convicts?  Meanwhile, the General is still complaining about his precious Scylla missing.

At the warehouse, Michael is taking a close look at what looks like a super-tiny computer chip.  After he hid it in the bathroom, Michael had another sick moment, and collapsed.  His brother, as always, was there to catch his fall.  Lincoln wanted to give Michael medical help, but they all were aware that they had to run.  Which was a good idea, because minutes later, Homeland Security showed up to arrest them all.  When Don’s boss called Michael, he told them all to turn themselves in, or he’d hunt them all down like animals.

So, understandably, the gang started to freak out.  They wanted to just make a run for it, but Michael told them all they came this far.  All they had to do was find a way to prove Self was the traitor.  Meanwhile, Gretchen’s sister called her up, and said her daughter’s been in an accident.  Gretchen knew better.  She knew there was a man there pointing a gun at her sisters face.  That man was Don Self, telling her to come home.

When Gretchen arrived home, gun drawn, she ran into Self and T-Bag also with guns drawn.  She had no choice, she had to give up her weapon.  Don was there to have Gretchen help him out finding a new buyer for Scylla. Right off the bat, she told them she was supposed to meet up with Scofield and Burrows, which in turn gave Self an idea.

At the secret location, where the boys were meant to meet up with Gretchen, federal agents started pulling up, so everyone had to bolt.  Everyone but Lincoln got away, he was taken away in handcuffs.  Oh no, not again, Lincoln! Anyways, Linc tries to tell the agents that arrested him that Self was the true culprit, but again, they don’t want to listen to a word he said.

Later on, Senator Conrad walked in and explained to Lincoln that there was evidence in what he was trying to say, but he would need everyone to come in and make statements.  So Lincoln called his brother and explained the situation.  Michael came by later in the episode to hear them out, but he could clearly see there was no real mission.  That was when Stanton, Don’s boss, pulled a gun on them both, but was quickly shot by an agent of the Company.  He told them the General wants a word.  Meanwhile, Gretchen and Self met up with the new buyer of Scylla, he began to inspect it.

Sucre got to the warehouse, and saved the brothers by putting a gun to the back of the agent’s head.  Lincoln took that time to steal his gun, and shoot him with it.  They also put a gun on Senator Conrad, but he explained that it was Stanton’s idea to have them killed, so they let him go. They meet up with Sara outside, but Mahone had already left.

Back to Don, when the buyer got back to Don, he told them that Scylla was incomplete, there was a missing piece.  Remember that computer chip hid in the beginning of the episode?  It was Michael’s leverage, he stole a piece just in case things went sour.  That’s when he got a call from Don demanding the chip.  Michael’s final lines in the episode – “Come and get it.”


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